Deriving facts from an american history essay : Virginia
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Dec 16th, 2019

Deriving facts from an american history essay : Virginia

The United States of America is a relatively young country. Nevertheless, its history is surprisingly rich, absorbing, though sometimes controversial. At least, we can say that it’s not boring. In this american history essay, we’d like to view an extract from the early history of this country. We’ll talk about the first English colonies. That’s one of the most popular american history essay questions.

The Spanish appeared to be the first representatives of Europe, who set their own colonies in North America. Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon did his best to spot a colony in Carolina. By the way, it was he, who brought the first black slaves to this continent. Lucas’ attempts failed. A great number of Spaniards died of diseases. The remaining survivors had no choice, but to abandon the continent. What do you think of their colonization attempt? Answer in your american history essay.

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Deriving facts from an american history essay : Virginia
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Unlike their heroic predecessors, the followers of Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon got along with good luck and in 1565, the first permanent European settlement was founded by Pedro Menendez de Aviles at St Augustine, Florida. Don’t forget to mention this prominent fact in your american history essay.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert was the first representative of England who tried to colonize this part of the world. In 1578, the Queen Elizabeth gave him her official permission to establish an English colony there. Gilbert sailed with a relatively small fleet to Newfoundland in 1583. The brave colonizer disappeared on the way home.

In 1584, Walter Raleigh with two ships explored the coast of the new continent and discovered a suitable place for a new English colony. In 1585, the Queen Elizabeth allowed Raleigh to call that place Virginia in her honor (Virgin Queen). In that year, Walter Raleigh along with Richard Grenville got back to Virginia. Unfortunately, they ran extremely short of supplies and in 1586, they had to return to England. After those events, there were a series of brave followers, who attempted to get to Virginia, such as John White in 1587. None of them succeeded. Did any of them have a chance to win? Why did they fail? Give probable reasons in your american history essay.

As you see, the first attempts to conquer North America were made by pure adventurers. However, the true success came only when a group of determined men made a solid team and pooled their resources with the only purpose to establish a colony. A typical example of this promising undertaking was the Virginia Company, which appeared in 1606. The founders financed two expeditions to North America. Raleigh Gilbert headed one of these expeditions. The brave men landed in Maine, though had to give up soon.

Many other followers kept failing to settle themselves in Virginia, until 1610, when England sent more ships with supplies and people. Sir Thomas Dale became the first Governor of Virginia in 1611. Dale introduced a strict code of laws dubbed «Laws, Divine, Moral and Martial.» Any form of disobedience was severely punished by corresponding penalties. Do you support those penalties? We hope to find the answer in your american history essay.

John Rolfe started to grow tobacco there in 1612 and already in 1614 and the first Virginian tobacco was sold in Britain in 1614. Gradually, tobacco became the cornerstone of the colony’s economy. The colony greatly contributed to the triumphal spreading of smoking in the western world, didn’t it? Show your attitude to this fact in your american history essay.

The colony kept expanding and by 1618, the Virginia Company offered up to 50 acres of land to anybody who could afford the cost of his trip across the Atlantic. Those who weren’t able to pay, had no choice but to become indentured servants in the colony. The newly arrived settlers weren’t free at all. All of them were obliged to work for the Virginia Company for a couple of years in order to pay back the full cost of their passage. The first black indentured servants found themselves in the colony in 1619.

Let’s assume you’ve been offered to become a colonist with the similar obligation to pay back after a while. Would you agree to cross the Atlantic just like those brave guys? Offer an illustrated answer in your american history essay.

The Virginia Company was officially dissolved in 1624 and England took over Virginia. By 1660 the colony’s population was about 27000 and grew in number to 78000 by 1710. Stress this number in the american history essay.

New England

Another English colony was established in 1620. The founders were persecuted by Britain’s official church. They set out in a ship dubbed «The Mayflower.» Approximately half of them failed to survive the first year in America. Nevertheless, the remaining survivors were saved by the Natives, who taught them how to grow crops.

Salem was the next place for a new colony in 1628. By 1629, the Massachusetts Bay Company was founded. It attracted flocks of new settlers to New England. Would you like to be in the shoes of the first English colonists in 1629? Unfold your mini-story in the american history essay.

From numerous american history essays, we can learn that unlike the southern states, which were solely agricultural, New England boasted a partly mercantile economy with ship building, fishing and exports of barrels and timber.

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