Def Leppard by Def Leppard
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Dec 18th, 2019

Def Leppard by Def Leppard

I am writing about the band Def Leppard, a 1970s English rock band. Def Leppard started in 1977 and was started in Sheffield as a part of the “Heavy Metal” movement. It is kinda amazing that they still have their two main guitarist, Joe Elliott and Rick Savage. The band has picked up some great member along their journey such as Phil Collen, Rick Allen, Vivian Campbell. Def Leppard lost three great members, Steve Clark, who died of alcohol poisoning in 1991. Steve joined the band as a guitarist in 1978. Pete Willis wasan original member of the band but was replaced by Phil Collen in 1982. Tony Kenning was also an original member and he played drums. Tony Kenning was the one who suggested that the band should change their name Deaf Leopard to Def Leppard. In my opinion that name change help make the band more popular because of the catchy rock name.

Tony Kenning was replaced by Rick Allen in 1978.

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Def Leppard by Def Leppard
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Def Leppard’s first album was On Through The Night, their first album was arranged in 1980. The band first started with performing in front of six friends. It is quite amazing that a rock group can go from performing in front of six friends to performing in front of thousands per concert. Def Leppard is now currently on tour going all over the United States including Canada. It is my personal dream to go to a Def Leppard concert. I doubt i will be able to attend but hopefully one day.

The rock band’s music can get anyone pumped at any time. Def Leppard appeals to anyone young or old. With classic rock making a comeback the band looks like it has a great future ahead.

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