Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin
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Dec 18th, 2019

Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

Okey, so who has ever heard of Breaking Benjamin, ( lots of hands come up), yeah that’s what I thought. So, anyways I love this album, OK that sounds cliched. Well, this ought to be my favorite rock album thus far. Dear Agony is, you guessed it, an album with pain and misery as the theme. This album, much like the other three albums before this, has three single with it which I think are, I Will Not Bow, Give Me A Sign, and Lights Out. All good here.
Tracklist: 1 Fade Away, This is one of the shortest songs of the album, yet it packs a punch. This track tells you they aren’t playing here, though this is honestly one of their softer tracks in terms of message. 2 I Will Not Bow, The first single of three and this song is not bad at all. It may be nostalgia talking here but this song is a personal favorite and I swear I’ve heard this long before its release.

Like back in 2007 or ’08 possibly. I love the song and it also had an appearance in Rock Band. 3 Crawl, the song I kept confusing with Linkin Park’s Crawling, but this song was a whole lot different. In my eyes the screamo thing works here, though it is my second least favorite here. 4 Give Me A Sign, speaking of least favorites here look at this song. The softest song in the album and a single in the album as well. This is the only track that I personally don’t like. It also made an appearance in Guitar Hero 5, warriors of rock and Band Hero’s DLC. Being my least favorite, this isn’t the best in the world. 5 Hopeless, want screamo, look no further, this track is full of it(crowd cheers and oohs and aahs). Being my favorite and a fan of the extreme metal thing, you would know by now. The problem with it is that it needs to be longer. Sadly, these guys broke up after the release of this album so that’s not likely to happen. 6 What Lies Beneath, thus we mark the middle of the album and a darn good interlude-ish track. This. Is. Amazing. It is something you should listen to. By the way the message here is easy to figure out. 7 Anthem Of The Angels, the saddest track on the album, to me at least, and a nice one at that. With the inclusion of a …gasp… symphony it gets better, you know, because I’m in the school’s orchestra. truly emphasizing the intensity of the album. 8 Lights Out, marking the last single here we have a masterpiece, as if that can’t be said for the rest. Enough Said. 9 Dear Agony, the only title track the ever had, and ever will. Being a short and sweet sort of song it marks a nice little break from the madness that the last two tracks will bring. 10 Into the Nothing, with a familiar intro riff from Lights Out, this is just as heavy but it seems like they were lazy here, next! 11 Without You, My favorite exitlude to any album, ever and it shows. An epic conclusion, to an epic band and album. Also it has an orchestra at the end, Double ++. Man listen to this and tell me it isn’t the least bit epic. I dare you, I double dare you.
Rating: 9.8/10

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Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin
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