Stopping pollution is on top of importance in the contemporary world. It is the matter of survival of the planet and the state of health of all people and even animals living in the world. Everything that surrounds us, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat affects our health and, as a result, our life interval. As a matter of fact, stopping of environmental pollution depends not only on the policy of governments and certain politicians, global organizations or somebody or something else. First of all, it depends on everybody, every person who lives on the Earth. Writing of causes and effects of pollution essay is usually assigned in high schools and colleges in order to let students know about this significant issue, as well as realize its importance and be able to analyze in what way everybody can help prevent polluting of environmental surroundings. In this article, you will find essential guidelines and other useful information that will help you deal with writing cause and effect of pollution essay the best possible way.

While many people don’t really pay much attention to their everyday way of life and how it affects the environmental surroundings, their influence on it is very considerable. For example, almost every family has at least one car in their garage, and they use it permanently even if there is not any necessity. However, if we make sustainable transportation choices and avoid riding cars all the time and instead, use bikes or just take a walk sometimes, it would be very helpful. If it is going to be a short trip, why don’t use our feet or a bike? It is not only helpful for the environment due to reducing air pollution, but also, it is useful for our health since it gives us an opportunity to have some exercises while being on fresh air.

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In today’s era of new technologies and progress, there have appeared many new possibilities of traveling without polluting air around us. For example, there have already been invented electric and hybrid cars. Electric cars use only electricity for transportation, which is not that harmful for environment as other kinds of transportation. There are also hybrid cars. As for them, they need both electricity and fuel, but it is still better than only fuel. The only minus of such vehicle is that they are more expensive than all the others. But there is a great chance that in the nearest future electric and hybrid cars will be available to everyone. These facts you may include into your cause and effect of air pollution essay.

How to help stop pollution

Another thing that one can do to prevent air pollution, is choosing local food in the supermarkets. The point is that the transportation of food requires a lot of resources to be spent, including but not limited to fuel, which, as we have already said, is very harmful to air. In order to help stop polluting environment by choosing local food, you need to do the following:

  • Look for a farm that is located not far from your place and consider buying some products there.
  • Always pay attention to the place were that or another product was made. If there is an option to buy something that is made not far away from you instead of import food, you should choose the first option.
  • Consider producing food on your own. If you have a garden, then you have an opportunity to grow different sorts of plants instead of buying them in the supermarket. In addition, you will take advantages from eating naturally grown food, which is very useful for your health.

Also, one of good methods to help reduce environmental pollution and make the world we live in better and healthier, is to avoid eating too much meat. In fact, there is no need to eat meat three times a day and not every dish you eat ha to include meat. Quite the opposite, you will only win if you eliminate eating of animal products and replace them with fruits and vegetables. All of the farms are huge in their size, they spend significant amounts of resources to produce animal products and they pollute the environmental surroundings very much. Therefore, you should consider the following options:

  • If you think that you and your family cannot live without animal products such as meat, mils, eggs, cheese and so on, try at least to reduce the usage of them and buy such products not so often.
  • There is always an option to become a vegetarian. Nowadays it has become a very popular way of life, so you may join the vegetarian movement.

Apart from all the above provided information, rational usage of energy is also very important. You need to turn off the lights if you don’t need them, as well as electronic devices. All this uses huge amounts of energy, which is in its end also harmful to the environment. Always pay attention to details, because this is where serious things begin. There are many methods to save energy and they are all available to everyone. For example, you may use fluorescent light bulbs that use less energy than the ordinary ones. When it’s winter, you need to make sure that all the windows in your apartment are closed because if they are not, you will use more energy to make it warmer with the help of heating.

Finally, consider recycling every time it is possible. In fact, everything that you use can be used one more time after you, which could save resources. Recycling centers deal with it so find out where there is one in your city.

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