Dave Matthews Band
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Dec 18th, 2019

Dave Matthews Band

One word candescribe the Dave Matthews Band concert in Buffalo, NY -amazing! Not only was the music great, but the lighting, soundand the “thing Dave does with his feet” all made ita great concert.

Dave Matthews Band has a unique soundcreated from a blend of instruments. In addition to the usualpercussion, bass and acoustic guitar, Leori Moore plays thealto, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, the pennywhistleand the bass clarinet. Another instrument, and one of myfavorites, is the acoustic violin played by Boyd Tinsley.Combined with percussion and background vocals by CarterBeauford, bass by Stefan Lessard and acoustic guitar andvocals by Dave Matthews, all blended to create a fabulous endresult.

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Dave Matthews Band
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Music always sounds better live, and this wascertainly true at the Dave Matthews concert. They performedsongs from “Crash” and “Before These CrowdedStreets.” It seemed like they did not have as muchbackground singing there, as on the CD. The band alsosustained instrumental portions of their songs longer than ontheir CDs.

I enjoyed the lighting’s many colors, allrelated to the mood of the songs; the designs the lights madeon the audience were fun to watch. Something I would haveliked more of were special effects, for example, a stage setand some kind of audio. It was hard to see Dave and the bandbecause of the size of the venue, especially if you weresitting far away or at an odd angle. Since the concert was inan arena, they could have used the jumbotron to help theaudience better experience the performance.

The DaveMatthews Band concert was truly an amazing concert becausetheir music was so good. I urge anyone to go and see Dave inconcert. I had a blast, and I’m sure you will too, especiallywhen you see the “thing Dave does with his feet.”

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