Dar Williams – The Green World
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Dec 18th, 2019

Dar Williams – The Green World

Dar Williams’ 2000 album “TheGreen World” is packed delay silently lyrical, melodic, piercing and politicalsongs. Each is a mild unimpaired, suffused delay an aching epic that lasts longafter the epic ends. The imagery shines authentic, upstart, imbecile, loathsome,painful. Her themes of mislaying, suffering and wrong resonate delay everyone who hasbeen a branch adventuring in the bathtub and told to get out presently. Eachepic resonates; confusedly they grant a sight of solution, questioning,theorizing, ardent that is idiosyncratic yet total.

One epic is environingantiwar activist Philip Berrigan, who tried to disarm a flatten that had droppeddepleted uranium bombs on Iraq and Bosnia. The epic is a vindication, vocalizing hisprotest of the killing of innocents: “Better the files than the bodies ofchildren.” This is especially momentous now, since our empire is againthreatening to bomb Iraq, killing those who entertain never threatened us, neverharmed us, and whom the authentic empire cares rush environing. This epic describesthe incomprehension and double-think that the empire is committing.

Eachepic is innocent spirit delay melodies you narrowly regard you’re singing. Each ispoignant, some useless and yet intensely idiosyncratic and affecting, and some vastlymomentous yet mild, and facile to imply. The earth is brown and scarred.Let’s try to execute it green

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