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Dec 18th, 2019


Outline Paper Cybercrime Outline Research Paper Intro Paragraph: 1. Opening: “Everyone always hears about victims of Cybercrime, but never really comprehend the true meaning of how devastating the aftermath of it can be” (David Wall). 2. Thesis: Cybercrime is one of the leading causes of devastation in society today because of how victims are easily targeted due to lack of knowledge of this far reaching and multifaceted crime. Americans need to take the initiative to properly educate themselves on how to accurately steer clear of cybercrime. . My body paragraphs will consist of me talking about (1) suicide and how the many forms of cybercrime influence it. (2) The ways the elderly are easy targets to con artists. (3)

How the ways technology increases it becoming harder to protect yourselves from becoming a victim. 4. For my first main point I will use a direct quote from someone I know that once tried to commit suicide due to cybercrime.

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For main point #2 I will use a statistics from CNN on how the elderly are more vulnerable to online predators. Finally, for main point #3 I will use both a direct quote nd statistic on how technology is ever changing and how it’s becoming harder to protect yourself from online predators. Body: Paragraph 1: I will be defining suicide because I feel that people don’t really understand what the term means and why people commit suicide, people quickly judge them for it without understanding why they resulted in killing themselves.

|Evidence: |Use: |Place info was found: | |Definition of suicide. | | |Stats on teenage suicide due to cybercrime. | | | |Causes of suicide. | | | Paragraph 2: The elderly and teenagers are more vulnerable to online predators/con artists because they are aware of the dangers that plague the online universe. Evidence |Use |Place info was found | |Define Con Artists | | | |Statistics on how elderly people are more | | | |vulnerable to attacks | | | |Lack of knowledge given to teenagers to be | | | |careful | | | Paragraph 3: Technology is forever changing and so are the tactics of online predators and it becomes increasingly hard to protect yourself from them as they learn and adapt. |Evidence |Use |Place info was found | |Why does technology continue to change | | | |frequently? | | |Quote/statistic: if there are ways trying | | | |to stop cybercrime from occurring. | | | |What is an online predator? | | | Conclusion: In the end, Cybercrime still remains a big factor in our everyday society. As we go amongst our everyday lives we must think of the suicidal tendencies people suffer from cybercrime or the elderly/teenager who lacked the knowledge to protect themselves or even how online predators continue to adapt to the continuous changes in technology.

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