Cut Songs from Hamilton by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
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Dec 18th, 2019

Cut Songs from Hamilton by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

“Hamilton!” The new chart smashing Broadway rap musical based on the founding fathers. “Hamilton: an American Musical” has a growing fan base that has begun extending past the theatre community, with a shocking 177,000 dollars earned each week to show for it. This new style of music has taken the theatre faction by storm and won’t be settled for quite some time. People of all ages are waiting in anticipation for the next thing writer extraordinaire Lin Manuel Miranda will produce. Before the buzz of “Hamilton,” Miranda wrote another musical titled “In the Heights” written to bring the audience’s attention to a small latino community in Washington Heights, New York. After that, the genius that would soon be “Hamilton” was formed. After a year of starring in his hit musical as the main character, Alexander Hamilton, Miranda moved on to other things. He worked with “Mary Poppins,” “Singing in the Rain,” “Moana,”“In the Heights Movie,” “Hamilton Mixtape,” “PBS documentary,” declared he is returning the role as Alexander, and even created “21 Chump Street (the shortest ever musical),” a fifteen minute musical based on an episode of “This American Life.

” With all these accomplishments, it is clear to see that Lin Manuel Miranda is a force to be reckoned with, and he is not planning to lose any of this momentum.
The Hamilton Original Cast Album includes 46 of the 47 songsin the show. This October two million copies were sold, earning it a double platinum status. The album peaked at number three on the billboard two hundred, making it one of three musicals that has reached the top ten in this past half century. To get to where the show is today, the songs have been changed and tweaked countless times. Miranda even admitted that there are parts he would continue to alter. By the time the world caught wind of this new musical, it had already been through major changes, such as a workshop album as well as multiple ballad cuts. There were reportedly eight songs cut from the musical, but only a few have been verified. Most of these songs have only recently seen the light of day, and I believe they should not have been cut. The songs that were dropped along the way made a profound impact on me from the first time I listened to them, and I believe that it would have a similar effect on the general public. One song that the general public is likely to adore to is “Congratulations”
The first cut song that I listened to was “Congratulations.” This symphony is addressed to Alexander from his sister-in-law Angelica, highlighting her response to him publishing the Reynolds Pamphlet. Renee Elise Goldsberry’s riveting voice forces the listener to be reckoned with the pain and anguish he caused her family. The lyrics and tempo of the song perfectly convey the anger and distress Angelica is facing as the world around her disintegrates. While listening to it, I felt the the space around me collapsing, giving me a glimpse into Angelica’s own emotions. This song made chills run down my spine, and with every fervorous phrase, and punctuated line I free felldeeper into the heart of the song.. The connection between the music and listener with this track is indescribable, and can be attributed to Goldsberry’s awe-inspiring talent, as well as Miranda’s. However Miranda isn’t the only talent showcased in these anthems. In “Let it Go,” a large amount of the cast is putting their voices into the situation.
Another song that deserves a place in the show is “Let it Go.”Miranda felt this song needed to be let go because of the Disney animation, Frozen, that came out before “Hamilton” was released. This song was originally placed after “Schuyler Defeated” (Workshop Edition). Within this earworm, Eliza’s father, Phillip Schuyler, had lost his political position to Alexander’s once best friend for re- election. The focus at the beginning of the song is Eliza. This portion of the song reminds the audience that this is all happening in the late 1700s. Alexander’s sharp exclaims hurt like an unexpected punch as he verbally wounds Eliza and Burr. However, in the middle of the song, a quiet calm re- directs the music. The moment Eliza begins to sing, we hear Alex beginning to relax and comprehend what she is saying. This segment ties back to their relationship and speaks for their personalities through a beautiful melody. As the song progresses, we find another character whom Alexander also loves deeply, the president, who he sees as a father figure. Throughout the rest of the tune, Alexander’s son Phillip joins the chantey as well. The title is “Let it Go,”but the song is much more meaningfulthan that. As Alexander’s family surrounds him, he has a decision to make. With his loved ones contradicting each other, yet fighting for what they believe is right, the song is a spinning dance with chaotic emotions and feelings, and that is exactly what the listener experiences. Even the songs that have been cut offer a variety of themes and styles, comparably, “Let it Go” to “The Adams Administration.”
Another song that was cut from the final product was “The Adam’s Administration,” whichis far less forgiving. The theme of this ballad is Hamilton thoughtlessly insulting President John Adams through a letter. This song has a secret importance that showcases Hamilton’s personality. Alexander Hamilton was often known as an outspoken person, someone who will screech his opinion, wanted or not, for all to hear. This simple rap piece made the President of the United States seem disgraceful, a completely unfit ruler for this pristine, new country. This track tied to others, similar to a summary of how his actions led him to his current point.. When Hamilton got upset at any point during the musical, he wrote. A constant spiral of educated theses and vocabulary, any problem seemed solvable through words. Often in these sessions, enough to make it an average, he is blunt and hurtful. During the song, the audience wavers between feeling the pain and bestowing it to others. When Alexander makes a witty and spiteful comment against John Adams, the audience can’t help but root for him and support the thought. However, as Hamilton throws one insult after the other, we can’t help but feel pity for for the defenseless president. This man who no longer holds any political power is now able and willing to destroy his career. The listener is put into a collateral of mixed emotions that don’t end until minutes after hearing the song. All of these songs interlocked add a new pathway stemming from the original hit “Hamilton.”
From the powerful raps to heartfelt interludes, “Hamilton” is changing the faceand sound of Broadway. Even the melodies cut from this musical have made an impression and deserve more recognition than what is given to them. The process of cutting and adding songs to piece a show together often leaves beautiful songs in its path. This show would have a different direction if these numbers had been included. However, by listening to this music, we get new stories and perspectives on the entire tale. The characters that once seemed so familiar have a new story being told. And their voices insist to be heard. A Broadway musical has single handedly restored americans love and respect for the founders and framers, and has made history by doing so. “Hamilton” is a hit because it reminds the world that no matter who lives and who dies, someone will tell their story.

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Cut Songs from Hamilton by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
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