The portfolio was created to showcase my work and abilities as a potential journalist. In putting together my portfolio, I was guided by my pursuits; rules of journalism as trained in course and certain requirements of the module. In the portfolio, I wrote about a train drivers who blamed a non-existent bad weather for jumping the platform; the ‘dishonest’ and double standard manner the Cameron led coalition has managed the problem of tax avoidance affecting Starbucks and the situations of looted money from producing countries coming into the Western world, including Britain. I also published about the opportunity that British colleges may be turning out Islamic ‘terrorists’. There was also an interview with a Community Worker, who chose to remain anonymous, on the down sides of effectively discharging communal good care work.

The first thing I found with the module was the fast tempo of activities necessary to meet my portfolio requirements. Normally my school work tends to move fairly little by little. The simple truth is I had not been well prepared for the swiftness and discipline stock portfolio production demands. Moreover I had developed problems deciding on a news event to hide out of all the options suggested. There is a reason. In my own first calendar year at the school, for just one of my journalism modules the category was asked for a particular lecture at the University’s Stratford campus. The whole exercise concluded in agony. I ended up trying to make sense of an extremely technical Technology lecture and also to make it relevant and interesting to an audience that was not scientific or especially considering how scientists go about their research. It was a headache.

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I will need to have done something however because I did very well with the duplicate. It was a hard exercise and I really believe I made a mental take note to stay from such assignments in the foreseeable future. This clarifies therefore, my decision to write on monetary and business topics. In a single or two of my copies I veered to politics issues but at the heart of all this is my interest for issues influencing my local African root base, the perceived injustices, inequalities, inefficient and corrupt regimes in African countries and Nigeria specifically. The general view is the fact that such regimes are generally sustained by the patronising Traditional western powers.

I have conducted interviews before but was unprepared for an interviewee who wished to remain anonymous. I was therefore uncertain of how to keep credibility for my duplicate on cultural work without betraying the confidentiality I promised my interviewee. I made a decision therefore to link the part to the infant P scandal. The central of the storyline was the responsibility of expectations population placed on the experts who work in the cultural good care work without, as they view it, “adequate resources and remuneration”, and also without making allowance for the actual fact that treatment service is no exact knowledge. Getting you to definitely speak on record because of this piece had not been easy and so, rather than ask around I made a decision to take the advice by Formichelli, Linda & Diana Burrell (2003), and “. . . found my own source”. Another advice I took to heart and soul was to “give my interviewee a verbal ‘thanks'”following the interview.

The module instilled in me a number of significant transferable skills. The first is the need to be organised. Nothing at all significant is achieved without detailed and complete planning. I’ve also considered an ‘entrepreneurial’ attitude to work and learnt to be focused on the ‘consumer’ – the audience. Most of all, I got learnt to have an eyesight for newsworthy experiences, with my target audience behind my mind. For instance I was for the reason that Southeastern train that jumped the platform but was still in a position to write the account in the 3rd party. I’ve learnt how to create information and features for publication. I learnt to generate ideas, to research those ideas and also to produce copies predicated on those ideas, to a high standard. I’ve also been in a position to details proposals to a high degree and for that reason in my own view able to pitch for payment with editors. But I am still learning

The module also helped me to consider benefit of new social mass media tools with which journalists can communicate with their viewers. I am now in a position to confidently upload copies to websites, where allowed. I am also able to write straight online and given the fact that the internet and sociable media tools is now able to be watched, I am in a position to apply journalism concepts responsibly. These key points include my responsibility to truth; willpower of verification and to recognise the system as a message board for open public criticism and compromise. I know also that I am permitted to exercise my personal conscience and take full advantage of my blog and tweets accounts.

I have come away from the component recognising the primacy of traditional journalism prices, especially that of fact verification. I recall a situation concerning the copy I posted for publication on the risingeast. co. uk website on the looting and transfer of money from growing countries, particularly Nigeria to the West. Dr. Andrew Calcutt, my component tutor was unwilling to create certain elements of that duplicate until he previously evidence that has already been in the public area on the individuals called in the part. I returned and sourced more than thirty one webpages of magazine articles for him. I treasured his position especially when he said he was acting on advice from the legal team. This enlightened my method of all the items that I submitted. Additional values I picked on include: truth, clear and clean writing. They are core skills and knowledge that I really believe can make me a competitive player in the modern-day marketing and journalism sectors.

I have learnt to think obviously and to seem sensible of the world around me; I also learned to communicate plainly and directly; and also to work co-operatively with acquaintances. To be structured in my own work is usually to be in a position to meet deadlines and also to present my testimonies and their ideas to other folks.

The module helped me to get rid of the boundaries between print, multi-media and broadcast, also to be strong on good writing and critical thinking. It was uplifting viewing my module innovator present a fresh approach to my first backup in minutes. I told myself, with time and practice, I’m going to be like that. I learnt in practical conditions how to identify workable and unique angles to news stories and features and exactly how to remain focused on the communication that I wish to convey. Another final result was the how and just why I should forget I have an thoughts and opinions when putting a copy along. I am allowed to have an view but that view must not block the way of the story I am revealing to my audience. I assumed I supervised that in the copies in my portfolio.

I have always possessed an interest in following reports, both serious and the mundane. This component reinforced this trait, which I consider one of my advantages. I am at home reading media online, on the net and on mobile devices. One other strength I believe I have and which is essential to my program is that of curiosity. I tend to monitor and explore, requesting questions, even in my own everyday activities. I read newspapers and mags, watch reports on television set and pay attention to reports on radio but still query them, wanting to see them from different sides to see if they should come out the same manner. I have a tendency to stretch myself and to do things I wouldn’t normally do, if only for the knowledge. This is essential to journalism. Lastly, I assume that any journalistic storyline must remain significant, interesting and relevant. I understand I am good at this, but also mindful of the necessity to keep the news extensive and proportional.

I appreciate that though I did not produce as many copies as I proposed to provide, I am urged by the actual fact that I’ve picked up the necessary knowledge and skill to take action should I be able to work up the necessary self-control to effectively take care of my time. I also note that I have to improve on my research work, particularly into the academic overview of journalism as a self-discipline.

Nonetheless I’ve learnt a whole lot from this module. I know in practical terms what News is; I understand how to discover my audience and what it wants; how to write a story as well as how to pitch it with an Editor. I have found skills, I’ve met issues which my training has helped me to get round. I have understanding of how establishments work, and also have highly developed communication skills which will work to my advantage. I am on my way.


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