Could by Elderbrook
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Dec 18th, 2019

Could by Elderbrook

Music is used to invoke all kinds of feelings whether it be happy, sad, confused, or excited. Elderbrook, a musician of the United Kingdom who is under contract with Black Butter Records, is able to use different ominous sounds and percussion to accomplish this. Elderbrook is also known as Alexander Kotz, who owns official twitter, soundcloud, spotify, facebook, instagram, and iTunes accounts. He created a song that became very popular titled “Could” published in 2014 under the dance/electronic genre, gaining over a million views on youtube. Its ambient and mystic tones along with deep melodies make for a unique combination. The song starts off with a pluck-like bass and a distorted humming voice setting the tone for the song with twist, echo, and mystery. This mood continues on throughout the rest of the song while keeping a steady beat, with vocals entering at 20 seconds in. The slightly strained vocals of Kotz with reverberated melodies and sparse percussion create a grooving pattern, while keeping its ambiguity.

There is no official explanation of the lyrical content; however, the lack of explanation adds to its enigmatic feel.
The music video to follow the song is also abstract in its visuals, starting with a pulsing, metallic liquid to fit its bass. To follow, vocals are represented with a multitude of different paintings following each other to animate Alexander’s singing and body percussion such as snapping, clapping, and more. Every time a high, echoing percussion is used, such as a snap or clap, white fills the background to invoke the feeling of sudden change that it gives. Succeeding is the metallic liquid used earlier flashing at different pale colors, keeping its deep texture with slight changes in visualization. All of this put together gives a feeling of almost floating or being suspended in an indescribable, dark yet inviting setting. Overall, “Could” put together with its music video is a solid piece because of its puzzling sounds that focus on feeling rather than pleasing the eye and visuals that are unlike any other music video.

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Could by Elderbrook
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