Cosmic Thing
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Dec 18th, 2019

Cosmic Thing

In 1979, the B-52’s debuted on the charts with their hit song “Rock Lobster” from their first record. Ten years and seven albums later, the B-52’s return with their newest LP “Cosmic Thing.”

“Cosmic Thing” includes the B’s first Top Ten single since 1981, “Love Shack,” which reached the Number Three spot after selling over a million copies. The B-52’s began their “Cosmic” tour, selling out stadiums across the country. Showing their environmental beliefs, the B’s played in front of 750,000 people in Central Park on Earth Day.

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Cosmic Thing
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After “Love Shack” left the U.S. charts, the B-52’s released another single from “Cosmic Thing” titled “Roam,” which featured B’s Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson on vocals but excluded singer Fred Schneider. I find that the B-52’s sound much like country musicians when just Pierson and Wilson sing, without the vocals of Schneider. Yet “Roam” became the Number One single in March.

The rest of the “Cosmic Thing” album is equally as satisfactory as their hit three singles (the newest: “Deadbeat Club”). The major difference between “Cosmic Thing” and the B’s first albums from the early ’80’s are the fact that the instruments are more modern. Every track on this album features excellent rhythms and vocals. “Cosmic Thing” deserves HHHH and I highly recommend this double-platinum album.

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