Cory Morrow
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Dec 18th, 2019

Cory Morrow

Walking through the parking lotfilled with trucks, a rush of excitement ran through me. It was the same rush Iget whenever I see live music. I walked through the rickety door at Greune Hall,handed over a $20 bill and had my hand stamped. The man I had come to see was anative of Houston, Texas and a graduate of my dad’s high school. Not only was I ahuge fan of his, but I felt like I knew him.

Cory Morrow started hismusical career as a Texas Tech drop-out playing in bars around Lubbock, where hemet friend and fellow musician, Pat Green. Both are thriving as artists on theTexas music scene and beginning to receive national TV attention (Country MusicTelevision) and award performances (Grammy’s).

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Cory Morrow
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I walked past the bar andinto the dance room where people were gathered. The band hadn’t come out yet so Iengaged in conversation with some country bumpkins.

Suddenly a tall butstocky blond walked onto the stage, kicked off his shoes and opened the show witha bang. Hitting every chord and plucking every string as cool as if he wereStev-ie Ray Vaughn, he sang popular tunes like the risque “Big CityStripper” and the romantic “Always and Forever.” Throughout theevening I sang along and did a little dancing. After an intense three hours oflive, loud music and whooping and hollering, Cory left the stage, saying”Thank you for having me!” The yelling continued for five more minutes.I looked at my watch and knew it was time to go, but felt an encore comingon.

Cory walked back out on the stage, picked up his guitar and said,”Okay, I’ve got one more for y’all!” He had strolled through all hishits that evening but one – his biggest, “Nashville Blues.” The upbeatsong is a tribute to all the great Texas songwriters who preceded him. It wasamazing to watch everyone sing along. My night was made. After the final strum ofhis guitar, he tossed his pick into the air. It spiraled down right into myhands. I caught Cory Morrow’s guitar pick and left Greune Hall one happyguy.

I recommend a Cory Morrow show to mature audiences willing to go outand enjoy themselves in a Texas atmosphere.

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