Considering interesting argumentative essay topics for high school
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Dec 16th, 2019

Considering interesting argumentative essay topics for high school

To know how to write a good argumentative paper is a skill that will be very helpful throughout your education and academic career. Good argumentative papers provide a claim or an argument and proper evidence supporting the argument and convincing the reader that the author is right. This kind of writing assignment has to give the reader an explanation of that or another topic, express the opinion of the author and show why his opinion is right. In other words, the purpose of an argumentative paper is to make the reader agree with the author and accept his point of view. In order to write a remarkable argumentative paper, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the issue that your paper enlightens and have enough of relevant knowledge. Therefore, you have to begin working on your assignment beforehand and not to wait until the last day before the deadline. In this article, you will find good argumentative essay topics for high school and tips that will help you cope with your task.

As we have already said, writing of a strong argumentative paper foresees that you know exactly what you’re writing about and that you have solid background for thinking in regard to a particular issue. For this reason, when looking for a topic to cover in your paper, you need to choose something that lies within your area of expertise. On the other hand, you may choose something that you are not very familiar with, but what you are ready to learn and have time for doing this.

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Considering interesting argumentative essay topics for high school
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The purpose of this type of writing assignment is to provide a complete investigation of the chosen topic or particular issue, which includes grounded research enlightening all the aspects of that or another topic, as well as collecting proper information in regard to all the points given in the essay. In addition, an argumentative paper foresees that you give your target audience a logical and coherent summary of the assigned issue with explanation why your point of view is the only right among all the others and why the reader has to accept it and change his mind.

Writing of an argumentative essay has a specific methodology. Its effectiveness usually depends on how you can present your research of certain issue and make links between you arguments so that all this could lead to an obvious and logical conclusion. In other words, the ability to write in a coherent manner and to structure your essay is very important when dealing with this assignment. Here, it would be helpful to use additional secondary sources, such as research works of other authors who are experts in the area of your topic. Be careful when choosing secondary sources, though, because they need to be trustworthy and reliable.

In addition, one of important aspects in writing an argumentative paper is understanding your target audience. You should be aware of their background and relevant experience in the area of the issue that you enlighten in your paper, because this is how you know whether it is necessary or not to provide the definition and detailed explanation of certain terms.

Choosing a topic for an argumentative paper

There is a wide range of topics for argumentative essays for high school, each of which is interesting in its own way. Keep in mind that whatever topic your choose it has to be arguable, because arguing and supporting your arguments is exactly what your writing assignment is about. At the same time, it is also important that your topic is interesting to you. You are going to spend a considerable amount of time on researching it and writing so it would be easier for you to deal with your task if you have interest in regard to the issue that you enlighten. Having said that, we recommend you looking at the following ideas of argument essay topics for high school and consider choosing one of them.

  • There has to be an internet censorship for preventing children from getting access to adult sites.
  • The death penalty is an unacceptable way of punishment. If you think so, explain why you think that killing people for committing a crime is as much crime and that people have no right to kill others.
  • Hazard games are harmful for a personality and cause different psychological diseases.
  • Cigarette smoking, as well as alcohol drinking is a personal business of everybody and it doesn’t have to be banned because in this case, banning is the violation of human rights.
  • Express your opinion in regard to the issue of terrorism and prove, whether it is the matter of religion. What role, to your mind, does religion play in contemporary world? Give relevant examples supporting your point.
  • Write an argumentative paper about modern fashion and its influence in society. Are fashion tendencies good or bad in today’s world?
  • Consider writing an argumentative paper about violence in schools. What, to your mind, causes violent behavior of certain students? What are the ways of dealing with teenagers who commit acts of violence in regard to their classmates?
  • Write about global warming and how modern technologies affect the environment. In what way do people pollute the environment and change climate?
  • Provide your opinion about beauty of a modern woman. What does natural beauty have to do with standards set by tendencies of fashion?

These are some of possible topics to cover in your paper. Also, take a look at writing services you may use:

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