With 3960 stores in america and much more than $209 billion in annual sales, Wal-Mart stands top in its position and it is an incessantly profit-driven company. With profit as the goal and service as the procedure the company reaches its key. This corporate and business culture enterprises the gain making Wal-Mart stores the product owner of choice for most consumers.

Customers of Wal-Mart give value to the worthiness of the money and have the ability to buy the top quality products at low discount prices. Sam Walton’s beliefs was that he believed keeping the costs below everybody’s price.

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Basic Retail Concepts

Wal-Mart is designed around four retail concepts. The first principle is the basis of the business is left over on its discount stores, which were following the same pattern because the company’s foundation. The next concept is the fact that it combines Wal-Mart supercenter with a discount store. The third idea is the Wal-Mart neighbourhood market that provides the services of a normal supermarket. The fourth strategy is the Sam’s Wholesale Team, which is intrinsically a regular membership warehouse store that accomplishes a regularly changing inventory.

Walton’s strategy of inspecting the competitors offered Wal-Mart chance to study from their competitors also to raise the company’s gain lowering the costs in comparison to its direct opponents. Wal-Mart bears the image of

Walton strategy of inspecting competitors offered Wal-Mart probability to study from competitors also to increase its gain pricing less than its direct competitors transporting the image of “Everyday low prices”.

Wal-Mart stores operate on an “Everyday Low Prices” philosophy and have the capability to keep their price lowering strategy through diligent price control. Wal-Mart affiliates endeavours to provide marvellous customer service which really is a characteristic unique to the string. Shopping at Wal-Mart is a friendly experience to every customer. As Wal-Mart has a necessity of high turnover ratio it depends upon extreme turnover of goods to create high revenue. Wal-Mart produces small revenue on each and every sales, but has many sales per product of inventory.

There are numerous ways for a business to have a competitive edge. They are price, quality, versatility, time, service, employees, and product or service differentiation. The most frequent way used by Wal-Mart to have a competitive price is to make low cost to customers because the majority of the customers will look for the lowest price in the market.

Drive out costs

Wal-Mart plan has gone to retrieve the expenses from the stores, from the manufacturers’ profit margins, merchandise broker agents and other middlemen by minimizing the costs at the retail level. Travelling out costs has been created by retaining partnerships with distributors, proper selection of store locations, knowing the statistics, knowing its competition and by taking treatment of customers.

The success gained by Wal-Mart is extensively due to maintaining a competitive advantages over its opponents. Wal-Mart in addition has constantly developed its proper internal investments and has been creating barriers to entry for potential opponents. Wal-Mart has been continuously attaining economies of level, acquiring the unique resources, good reputation and a brand value by offering differentiation and promises to its customers.

Economies of Scale

As a large firm, Wal-Mart has achieved economies of scale. As Wal-Mart is a large company and has many locations, device costs have lowered and every other firms wishing to enter the marketplace must do so at a big size. This makes very difficult, if not impossible for new entrants. Although economies of size provide a apparent competitive gain, emulating firms will look for becoming larger to minimize the role of economies of size. This is the reason Wal-Mart must constantly innovate and look onward for new competitive advantages.

Electronic Data Interchange System

Distribution stations of Wal-Mart were very reliable and it allowed for low prices, thus creating another barrier to accessibility for firms who are wishing to enter the market. Wal-Mart was also developed unique resources which are not used before. It installed a new barrier to admittance when it developed its EDI system which is Electronic Data Interchange system which improved communication with the suppliers and the distribution centres. By producing the EDI system Wal-Mart has also better inventory control.

Wal-Mart has differentiated itself from its huge competition. They have launched many superstores that offer groceries in addition to a good shopping environment. It’s been successful in building a brand name and good reputation as the first choice in the industry. Their everyday low prices school of thought was influential in producing the loyalty of customers that prompted the growth of the company. This constancy in cost and service empowered Wal-Mart to determine a reputation of loyalty. Customer loyalty has been increased by development of reputation and brand name which includes helped in reducing the purchase price elasticity of demand. Wal-Mart offers guarantees and return policies which assure the customers of the purchase. Approach to providing warranties and warranties also become a barrier to access because new entrants also provide high quality goods and provide customers competitive services which are generally very hard.

Key Points

Finally Wal-Mart has three competitive advantages like they are suffering from a hub-and-spoke distribution network which is very efficient and low cost and increased its delivery timetable. In addition, it has a god market position where it offers located itself as a market leader. Its Insurance policy every day low prices empowered them to have two main opponents like Aim for and Kmart. Wal-Mart also has a good Individuals Learning resource Management and employees of Wal-Mart are extremely committed. Because of its good impact on the market, everybody feels proud of being a Wal-Mart worker.


In realization Wal-Mart has preserved a competitive benefit through its ceaseless innovation. It was capable of maintain its financial profit even though it has competition from other businesses. It has constantly implemented various barriers to entry and developed internal strategic assets.