Communication Challenges and Solutions in Distance Learning
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Dec 18th, 2019

Communication Challenges and Solutions in Distance Learning

A insufficient seem at the opportunity and challenges of interval lore in the U.S.

This article little explains the challenges of communicating delay an tutor and a adjust in a interval lore plight. It explores the types of interval lore, what the tutor should do, and its pros and cons.
“As twain a learner and a instruction participant in distinct online adjustes and exchanges aggravate the spent three years, I entertain repeatedly wondered how my knowledge delay interval lore compared to others. I sought subscription that thought-out twain big gum of learners and mean groups, and seemed at the adjustes through the lenses of twain learner and schoolmistress. My knowledge as a learner was delay two online adjustes at Ohio University-Zanesville. The pristine, in 1997, was through a microwave method that recognized us to see, hear and talk to the tutor and the learners at two other OU branches; the format was disquisition and inconsiderable adjust discourse.
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