Clear As Day by Scotty McCreery
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Dec 18th, 2019

Clear As Day by Scotty McCreery

The newest American Idol, Scotty McCreery, has released his debut album, “Clear As Day.” While the country crooner doesn’t rely as much on the deep voice that carried him through the “Idol” rounds, this record is full of catchy country tunes.

As a sucker for country music, I was pleasantly surprised by his selections. The album contains a versatile blend of songs. His first two singles (both love songs), “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble with Girls,” were just a taste of what was in store for Scotty fans.

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Clear As Day by Scotty McCreery
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The title track is a break from the first two upbeat songs. It starts off as a sweet, endearing song about never-ending love between two high school students, but it takes an unexpected turn and becomes a somber song of loss.

McCreery’s album is not all impressive, unique tunes, however. The young artist takes a break from the topic of romance with “Water Tower Town,” a typical country tune about how wonderful it is to live in small-town America.

It’s a happy, upbeat song that, while containing a catchy chorus, is not very different from the track that follows, “Walk in the Country,” which also focuses on the pleasures of living on the country.

The album also looks at the lighter side of love with “Write My Number on Your Hand.” This bouncy summer-love song is slightly reminiscent of Luke Bryan’s music.

McCreery gets sentimental in the final track, “That Old King James.” The ballad, a fitting end to this 13-track album, is about the special meaning his grandfather’s tattered King James Bible holds for him.

Overall, McCreery’s album is an excellent addition to the world of country music.

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