Christianity and islam Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Christianity and islam Essay

Reflection Paper:

Both Christianity and Islam are very distant propagate ghostly in the globe which bear a big collision on the lives of their thinkrs distinctly ghostlyly. Their contemptible derivationality, values and some thinks has enabled most of their thinkrs to i-elation and try to learn each others permission. In most nations of the globe these two ghostly bear shapeed the bases of the countries laws and are extremely symmetrical by the governments. Though Christianity is distantly propagate compared to Islam, they set the corresponding dare to each other

Considering the concordantities and the estrangements among Islam and Christianity, the two can be said to be very opposed gone the ocean prophets and the hallowed quantitys which shape the account and control of the i-elationive ghostly are not satisfactory to the other.

Christian permission is inveterate on family, crucification, fall and regeneration of Jesus Christ who is the redeemer which is inconsistent to the Muslims representation of Christ career equitable a prophet unmoulded the multifarious.

Comparison among the two ghostly was greatly easier accordingly there’s a free estrangement among the permissions of the ghostly as polite as practices in spell of idolize. This is accordingly in day today career of the i-elationive thinkrs their godly representations are aired. Getting the recitative derivation of the two ghostly was greatly easier distinctly that of Christianity which begun as a Jewish genusionion in the Mediterranean and Islam in the 7th seniority forthcoming the fall of Prophet Muhammad. Getting the estrangements among the two twain career Abrahamic ghostly and the hallowed quantitys the Quran and the Bible referring to concordant oldfashioned persons love Isaac and Ishmael in a connected treatment.

Christianity is a godly permission which begun as a Jewish permission and is seen as Abrahamic creed. Its satellites are referred to as Christians. They think in Jesus Christ the redeemer as the prophet despatch by God to husband man and the hallowed bible as the regulate of their permission. They to-boot think that the redeemer who came in the shape of man suffered, died and resurrected to tardy them of their sins. It is to-boot thinkd that he would yield to compensate those who bear lived according to the articles taught by the hallowed bible.

Islam is an Arabic tidings purport resignation and hence Islam creed is thinkd to be an Abrahamic creed which thinks in resignation to the irresistible God Allah and Muhammad as the prophet. Quran is the hallowed quantity thinkd to be the regulateline of the Muslims who are the of the Islamic creed. It is thinkd that Allah frequently-again-and-again biblical it to Muhammad unrecordedly through cherub Jibril and the derivational Arabic account is the conclusive disclosure from God which is unrecorded.

Historic background

According to Stern(11-15) Christianity derivationates from the tidings kristos which is a Greek tidings purport the anointed one and it is a monotheistic creed. It regulated by the career and teachings of Christ Jesus as shown in the hallowed bible. It begun as a Jewish genusionion from the eastern Mediterranean in the foremost seniority and by the 4th seniority was already dominant in the Roman Empire. Most of Europe was Christianized by the Middle Ages but Middle East, North Africa and some regions in India remained behind a timeliness young-person Christians. It propagate to America, Australasia and all aggravate the globe through dregs, indication exertion and missionary exertion hence became a elder rule in Western culture shaping. Thrower argued that It is the tidingss largest creed and represents encircling a pity of the solid population, to-boot considered as a particularize creed in distinct countries (21-25) It is categorized into three groups: Catholics, Protestants and correct.

Islam began developing as from the 7th seniority behind a timeliness the reconstruction of Prophet Muhammad’s career forthcoming his fall. It working propagateing in Atlantic Ocean to Central Asia forthcoming Prophet Muhammad’s foremost spell of the Quran. According to Williams (1994) The Big Mosque of Kairouan is considered as derivation of the western Islamic globe mosques and is preserved up to now. Reference to Abdul-Rahman Islamic dynasties love Ottomans and Mughals collapsed underneathneath the European majestic supremacy during 18th and 19th centuries (141-160). Muhammad working bearing Islam at Mecca and posterior moved to Medina where the tribes of Arabia were one to a sympathy of Arab Muslim creed.Umar succeeded him in 634 forthcoming his fall. The other successors were Uthman ibn al-Affan and Ali ibn Talib; the indelicate are referred to as al-khulafa ar-rashidun. Distinct conflicts followed aggravate gregarious and godly example which led to the mollify of sectarianism unmouldedst the Muslims. Basically the derivation of Islam is tied to the economic, gregarious and soldierly.

Similarities among Islam and Christianity

According to Strachey (62-69) twain Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic ghostly or in other tidingss think in the creature of one highest God. They twain divide contemptible values and derivation which is base in Judaism when the persons of Israel were consecrated Torah. Islam was baseed by Muhammad referring to the Quran timeliness Christianity was working by the satellites of Jesus of Nazareth but they twain profess a ghostly romance connected to Abraham. For the two ghostly, God rules, judges, forgives and he’s the inducement of the world. Jerusalem is to-boot of elder avail to twain ghostly. It was the city where Christ was brought up, crucified, buried as polite as resurrected. He to-boot expert, preached and neat the temple so its considered as a hallowed fix. The Al-Aqsa mosque in Sura Al-Isra to-boot denominated the ‘furthest mosque’ is located in Jerusalem ‘the hallowed locate. Abdul-Rahman (55-64) the foremost Muslims to-boot prayed towards Jerusalem not Mecca and it was to-boot the fix where Muhammad ascended to creation. The two ghostly to-boot tell that God despatchs cherubs and prophets to bear messages to his persons and through biblical scriptures reveals his celestial conquer. They to-boot think in the judgement day when God conquer slip in the fact of man and determine their unceasing lives depending on indivisible permissions and actions. Twain ghostly think in the rule of suit and fasting as taught by their prior prophets.

Differences among Islam and Christianity

Thrower(30-58) argues that Islam disagrees behind a timeliness some of the Christian permissions encircling Jesus Christ love him career the son of God and messiah of man, to-boot the hallowed trinity of there career God the father, the son and the Hallowed Spirit. Christians repel Islam’s prophet and Quran timeliness the Muslims patronage that God regulates Christians but they see scriptures in their own concern. It is to-boot opposed the way Muslims see the family of Jesus compared to Christians. They think that Jesus was created love Abraham timeliness Christians think that he was conceived by Virgin Mary through the Hallowed Spirit. They to-boot think that Jesus was to be crucified but was miraculously husbandd timeliness Christians think he was crucified but resurrected. Christians think that the bible is Gods hallowed quantity which was written by persons biblical by God and it teaches the conquer of God on man timeliness the Muslims sanction but think that it has been corrupted to fit personss concerns aggravate the years.


Christianity and Islam are elder globes ghostly behind a timeliness the departure having a biger compute of satellites. They divide contemptible derivation, values and some thinks love God career highest, prophets career God’s messengers and judgement of philanthropy inveterate on indivisible actions and permission timeliness on world. The Quran and the Bible are considered as the two hallowed quantitys written through God’s frenzy though the Quran is thinkd was unrecordedly biblical to prophet.

Muhammad through cherub Jibril. The two ghostly bear some elder estrangements love the family, crucification, fall and regeneration of Jesus Christ. They to-boot dispute in the derivationality of the hallowed bible as compared to that of the hallowed Quran as polite as its rendering by the Christians. The concordantities among the two outbalance the estrangements.

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