Changing Your Life With the Decisions You Make
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Dec 16th, 2019

Changing Your Life With the Decisions You Make

How can making a decision change somebody life in a completely different way? It’s the truth, by making a decision in the past, you shaped you present, and by making a decision in the present, you will shape your future in some ways. Some people made the right decision, and moving on without looking back, some did not, and they wished that they had. My life would be different, happy, healthy, but a bit of sadness if I had chosen to study abroad earlier.

I would definitely live a happier life than I am now. By choosing to study abroad in the US, I can receive its education sooner, so that I didn’t have to experience a culture shock. My first year studying college was a disaster, I found it hard catching up with class, language barrier, it was a terrible year, so I think it would be easier if I have already been studying in the US.

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Changing Your Life With the Decisions You Make
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I would also make friends easier if I had studied high school in the US. For example, I tried to make friend with some classmate on my first day of school here, it did not end well. My English would be more fluent, smoother, and I would have a lot more confident to approach other people. My social life would be better in many ways, more friends, more fun.

I would have led a healthier life style if I went abroad sooner. The environment is a lot better than it is in my home country, where we travel by motorbikes, there are not many cars there. The air, and the water is polluted badly, trash all over the places, contaminated foods and drinks… In addition, when I arrived in the US last summer, I immediately notice the different in the atmosphere, it was cleaner, and less smoke. The food I have eaten here are said to be cleaner and fresher. I can also go to the gym here, I could not do it in my country due to the lack of equipment, I can improve my health, and get in shape, which makes my parents happy that I can finally take care of myself.

My parents would not have to handle much stress if I had went abroad to study, they would be happier, and less sickness. They have very high hope on me and would be very sad if I don’t get good result. They can go full berserk on me, and that is bad for their mental and physical health, and I would do anything to minimize that. My siblings would also be very proud of me. Since I am the first child of three, they look up to me a lot, so I want to be someone who they can look up to and lean on when need. Moreover, I could have help my parents taking care of my siblings, so they don’t have to worry about them too much and can concentrate more to their work.

Although study abroad is sometimes a good thing, it can also have negative effects. If I studied abroad at a younger age, I would not be able to meet all my lovely friends I met during me high school years. We have a lot of memories with each other’s, some are bad, some are beautiful. For instance, there was a time when my school organized a field trip to the amusement park for us students, my friends and I went swimming.

There was that one friends who did not know how to swim, so we decided to teach him, mind you that we were aware that he did not know how to swim so we had chosen a very shallow place for him to practice, just over the knees a bit. After everything was set, all of ours friends together pick him up and threw him in to the water, seeing him screaming and squatting his hands like crazy made us laugh like maniacs, and his face when he realized how shallow it is, glorious. Those are some of my precious memories that I will treasure them for the rest of my life, and I will never do anything to change them.

To conclude, my life would be very different from now it I chose to study abroad at a younger age, it would be a happier, healthier, but with different memories life. I cannot afford that. Like I said earlier in the beginning, the choices you made in the past shaped who you are now, and the choices you are making today will help shaping your future. What I did in the past made me who I am today, if something in the past changed, I would be a complete different person. Although I sometimes regret making a decision, this is not one of it. My life could have been better, but I am quite happy with it right here, right now, in this exact moment, and I will not change it in any ways.

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