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Dec 18th, 2019


The crowd waited in a dull silence for the singer to come on stage. Through the hazy smoke and an excited crowd, we could see him, sporting a pink, crushed velvet suit. We went wild. He showed a large smile, full of white glistening teeth and black-lined eyes that twinkled under the bright stage lights. The lead singer of Sponge and his band began the show with their latest song, “It’s raining.” He sang strong and entertained us. Leaping off of the stage into the crowd. we hoped that he would come our way. “I touched his toe” one fan exclaimed, who was also one of the lucky ones to participate in the show. They sang a song made up by the band, “I’m a big girl, you’re a big girl, yeah, yeah, yeah.” The group finished, and left us pumped and impatient for the next act.

After what seemed like forever, Kevin Martin and the rest of Candlebox strutted onto the stage.

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They began what would be an incredible show. Hits from their second album, “Lucy,” began the show. They continued with “You,” “Pretend” and, “No Senses.” With a pause, they commemorated a fan killed in an accident on the way to their show last year in Portland, and Shannon Hoon, the lead singer of Blind Melon, who died a year after. For them, they sang, “Far Behind.”

“Thank-you, thank-you.” Kevin replied to his fans and then left the stage, leading us to believe the show was over. My heart dropped with unexpected happiness when I saw the group reappear. Further commemorating “Blind Melon,” Candlebox sang, “Galaxi.” Kevin commented how the band had good music, but unfortunately, no singer to sing it. Now the show was over. I was silent until I reached the car when I finally spoke again. My first words were “Wow!” My friend and I both agreed the show was a hit. Others agreed it was much better than they had expected.

I was lucky to see a great show, and to be so close I could actually see Kevin’s sweat and Sponge’s eye make-up. I hope Candlebox will be around again soon! .

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