Can I Have Another Chance?
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Dec 16th, 2019

Can I Have Another Chance?

Is it right to kill animals because they are not wanted anymore? I believe that answer is no. Currently the United States is faced with an overpopulation of stray animals. All animals are entitled to a good fur-ever home just like we are.

Today in the United States there is a large pet overpopulation, however people like myself along with many others who work at No-Kill shelters do not feel that is a good enough reason to put down an animal. With No-Kill shelters being an option to consider vs. the traditional Humane Society, pet store, or breeders this will guarantee your four-legged friend to have a chance to be adopted out and find a new home.

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Can I Have Another Chance?
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No-Kill shelters provide a safe and friendly environment without a time line attached to their livelihood such as your traditional Humane Societies. When an animal is adopted out from a No-Kill shelter, they will be spayed or neutered due to the fact this is the number one reason why we are facing an over population of cats and dogs. No-Kill shelters try to get to the root of the cause to reduce numbers.

Northwoods Humane Society located in Wyoming, MN is a No-Kill shelter which I personally support and have raised money for since I was in 5th grade. Northwoods was established in 1975 and was originally called the Chisago County Humane Society. For many years the volunteers took in the stray and abandoned animals into their homes and fostered them until they were adopted out. In 1998 five acres of land was donated along with a new building project being initiated, this is when Northwoods Humane Society was born. My current cat Chip was adopted from Northwoods.

I have always loved animals, all different kinds but once I understood what No-Kill shelters stood for I knew from here on out I would only adopt animals from shelters like this. The biggest thing to keep in mind is when you adopt an animal from a No-Kill shelter you are actually saving two lives. The animal you adopt along with the one who will now be able to come into the shelter since a space has opened up due to the adoption of your animal. Two is better than one! Northwoods houses approximately 1000 cats and 400 dogs each year, the majority of them being strays.

We as animal owners need to get the word out to people and educate them about the wonderful option that is out there with this type of shelter vs. your typical Humane Society, or pet store. If you’re unable to take care of your animal you can surrender them for a small fee. Do not be embarrassed if you no longer can take care of your animal, you will not be judged.

People’s lives change from time to time, but the one thing you must take into consideration is that having a pet is a large commitment. All pets need time and affection just as humans do. When you decide to make that commitment of bringing an animal into your home, don’t buy on impulse and remember who choses who?

Caring for animals in need. The homeless, abused, neglected, lost. Heal them, love them, help them find a home. This is Northwoods mission and if more animal lovers turn to No-Kill shelters animal euthanization will be a thing of the past and all animals will have their fur-ever home.

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