bubbly by Colbie Calliat
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Dec 18th, 2019

bubbly by Colbie Calliat

The spontaneous singer, Colbie Calliat, is an American pop singer. She came from Malibu, California with her talent in entertainment; she was nominated as base pop with her own song called, “Bubbly”. So far she had released 3 albums: Coco (2007-2008), Break through (2009-2010), and All of you (2011). The album Coco contained 12 songs. The first song that caught many people’s attention was “Bubbly” and “Realize”. Calliat has a talent of adjusting her voice to be in harmony with the beat and music she created by herself, and with other people such as Taylor Swift.

Her first single was called, Coco, because it was the nickname given by her parents. Then the songs within the album have sentimental value involving family such as Midnight Bottle. Midnight Bottle was a song inspired from Colbie Calliat. All the songs have lyrics with optimistic views of happy memories that can be commonly found in life.

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bubbly by Colbie Calliat
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Her last song, Capri, gave the final hint that most of the song in the album speaks about her family, love, and happiness. Capri was a song about child grew just as beautiful as their mother. In the album called, Coco, Colbie Calliat shared her optimistic views about family, love, and simple happiness.

When she appeared on concerts, she received many compliments from her fans because her talent shows instead of technologies covering her beautiful voice. During concerts, the setting made it match her optimistic in simple setting as in by the ocean or on a garden with flowers. The nature emits her charm as happiness through beautiful scenes and her flawless sync with music created an atmosphere where many feel relaxed. Unlike Rollin Stone concerts where music and singers are out of sync, and audio was not good.

The accuracy of a musical review is dependent upon the experience of the reviewer. It is assumed that the reviewer is expressing his/her opinions based on audit. The opinion of a musical reviewer is dependent on his/her experiences. There is a given assumption that the reviewer has certain capability. Thus is not the case with this reviewer. This reviewer is hearing impaired with amplification. Therefore, this reviewer cannot comment on clarity of lyrics. Colbie Calliat was only judged after viewing a music video and writing format of lyrics in order to comprehend, and lip read. Therefore, this musical review should be considered from this perspective.

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