Brand New Eyes by Paramore
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Dec 18th, 2019

Brand New Eyes by Paramore

Paramore“Brand New Eyes”
Over the summer of 2010 the hit single “Airplanes” featured Haley Williams of “Paramore” and rapper B.O.B. If you like the hook of that song ten you’ll be glad to know that Haley of Paramore dropped an album called Brand New Eyes in 2009.The band members are Haley Williams –lead singer, Zac Farro-drums, Josh Farro-Guitar, Taylor York-Guitar, and Jeremy Davis-bass. Believe it or not their hometown is Franklin, Tennessee. Also later on a part 2 to airplanes was released the song featured Eminem and spent 13 nights on k 104.7s top 9 at 9.
The band Paramore made 3 Studio albums in the course of at least 4-6yrs.In total they made 11 videos as a band and one video was for the song airplanes. Also five of these videos were for Brand New Eyes. These videos are “Careful, Ignorance, Playing God, Brick By Boring Brick, and The Only Exception”.

These albums are “All We Know Is Falling” in 2005 which was there debut album. The following is “Riot” with their debut song “Misery Business” in 20007. And then their 3rd studio album “Brand New Eyes” released in 2009. And early 2010 the Farrro brothers announced that they will no longer be a part of “Paramore”. But the remaining members will continue to make music. Why? Many people asked on
The Farro brothers basically said that they were feeling underappreciated. The remaining members are still the lead singer Haley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis. You could kind of tell that there were problems, but if you listened to their songs very carefully then you would have noticed. Like for example the song “Ignorance “you may notice some very strong and confusing lyrics, but don’t fret I’m here to decode them for you. Well for starters the “But I guess you can’t accept that change is good”. Meaning that I’m changing and it’s for the better then there’s also “You’re not a judge but if you’re gonna judge me well sentence me to another life “. In other words, if you’re going to keep judging me well then I’ll just have to start a new life. You could tell now that I’ve decipher some of their lyrics to their hit single “Ignorance” and in that understanding they were most definitely some rough patches.
Another song that relates to their problems from their album “Brand New Eyes” is “looking up”. Just the title of the song gives you an insight on how there doing in general. Some of their lyrics are easy to understand Like “things are looking up oh finally I thought I’d never see the day you’d smile at me”. Meaning that I’m happy to see were making some progress then there is “It’s not a dream anymore it’s worth fighting for. Basically saying we’ve achieved what we planned which was being a success altogether. Things didn’t work out quite as perfectly. After the album was released in 2009 there was an announcement made stating the Farro brothers will be leaving the band.
BUY THIS ALUBUM It’s a complete must have for the ultimate Paramore fan. Overall this album will have you thinking about how you say things and how you treat people. This album is very diverse including ballads, and hard rock songs. Buy this album because as the song “Ignorance” suggests, “Change is good.” So try something new and see how you like it. I guarantee you will.

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Brand New Eyes by Paramore
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