Born Sinner by J.Cole
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Dec 18th, 2019

Born Sinner by J.Cole

My Teen Ink report is on one of my favorite musicians J.Cole who recently dropped an album in the beginning of the summer called “Born Sinner”. This is second studio album he dropped under Jay-z’s record label RocNation. The first was Cole World: The Sideline Story which did okay in record sales. Born Sinner on the other hand did relatively well on sales, Born Sinner even sold more than Kanye West’s Yeezus album in the first week.
Before I tell you my full overall grade on J. Cole’s Born Sinner album it leaked a week before it’s date which was June 18th, 2013. I admit I am a long time J. Cole (Cole World since 09’) I saw that it had leaked and me dying to hear this album since news broke that he was releasing this album back in November of last year. He was supposed to have released it back in January but was unfortunately pushed back.

But months before the release he put out a of series of two mixtapes called Truly yours 1 and 2. I feel ashamed as a long time J. Cole supporter that I downloaded instead of buying it but hey we all got to fulfill our needs and I had to listen to this highly anticipated album by one of hip-hops best artist out right now.
The first song on the album is called “Villuminati”. Which starts of the album with a bang, which he states before the beat drops “It’s way darker this time” which I guess means he’s addressing his themes of good and evil which his logo represents horns and a halo. This song he addresses people who say he is in illuminati which he says I quote “These next three bars is dedicated to the retards keep on asking me about the illuminati, is you stupid n***a young black millionaire Old white billionaires I’m sure that they could do without me. My opinion this is one of his strongest lyrical songs on the album and is probably the 2nd best on the album. The 2nd track is the skit with preacher pastor Kearney Thomas Jr. talking. The 3rd track is called “LAnd of the snakes”. Which is one of my least favorite tracks on the album. He’s talking about his old hood (Fayettville, NC) and one of his old girlfriend’s. The 4th song on the album is called “Power Trip” which everyone knows due to radio airplay it’s basically a love song featuring R&B sensation Miguel.
The 5th song is called “Mo Money Interlude” which is short he raps about money through the whole song about not having, now having money, the power of money, and not having that much money compared to old white money. Track 6th track is called “Trouble” which is one of the weaker songs on the album but has good beat with a gospel chorus. The 7th track is “Runaway” another weak track on the album this song just talks about how people criticizing him. The 8th track “She knows” is also weak it just talks about him cheating and on a girl and her finding him out. The 9th track is called “Rich N**gaz a song I can relate about not having as much money as you fantasize to have. The 10th track is a skit called “Where’s Jermaine” which involves a quire singing a song then stopping and I guess searching for young J. Cole. The 11th track is called “Forbidden Fruit” featuring Kendrick Lamar who sings the hook. It’s a really good song and has a funny ending featuring Lil’ Cole (Past J. Cole fans know the voice he makes). The 12th track is one of my favorite tracks called “Chaining day” he vents about the image all rappers keep up of buying expensive jewelry including himself. A quote from the song he says “My last piece I swear they even iced out Jesus hair”. The 13th track is an interlude called “Ain’t that some s**t” just a short upbeat song. The 14th song is “Let Nas Down” a song ode to Nas who he felt he let down releasing his mainstream music without putting his soul into it. The 15th track is “Crooked Smile” a radio friendly song to cheer others up about their self-esteem. The 16th track is called “Born Sinner” featuring James Fauntelory (a singer) the song is about his sins and how he wants forgiveness.

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