Black Holes
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Dec 18th, 2019

Black Holes

This paper presents a detailed look at black holes, providing the reader with a description of this phenomenon as well as evidence that it exists.

The following paper takes a look at the historical discovery of black holes, the current mindset about what they are and how they relate to the universe. The writer asserts that while the evidence is circumstantial at best, it is becoming more unified with each new discovery.
“Since the advent of science fiction the Black Hole theory has been used to add dimension and character to many books and movies. The space ships are sucked into Black Holes never to be heard from again, aliens are believed to emerge from them and they are used as portals to new universes according to fictional history. The use of the theory of Black Holes in fictional works is something that allows artistic license about what they are and what they aren’t and what scientists believe at this point to be true.

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Black Holes
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