Bieber Takes the Bradley
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Dec 18th, 2019

Bieber Takes the Bradley

Justin Bieber took Milwaukee by storm on October 21st when BELIEVE, his world tour came to town. He sold out the Bradley Center and fulfilled many of dreams. Bieber put on a great show from the music to the lighting to the atmosphere; everyone was out of their seats and moving.

The BELIEVE tour has been traveling around the world and now is back in the states. It started in Glendale Arizona on September 29th. Bieber displayed a great performance, with a collection of old and new songs. His main focus was his latest album, Believe, but he also mixed it up with some old favorites, including One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, and Baby.

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Bieber Takes the Bradley
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Dan Kanter, Bieber’s main guitarist, also blew the crowd away with many of his guitar solos. He and Justin have a charisma that can’t be beat. Their friendship shows through in their music and makes the performance even better.

Bieber did a great job communicating with fans. He talked to fans in between numbers and made even the people in the very last row feel like they were experiencing the concert from front row. He really appreciates every single one of his fans and he makes it clear by the way he treats the crowd. For all the fans watching it is a real treat to see him perform but he makes it seem as if it is a treat for him that all his fans can be at and take part in his concert.

Bieber also participated in old favorites like bringing a fan up on stage for One Less Lonely Girl and taking a couple songs and playing them acoustic. These are crowd favorites and it really showed. The crowd was especially excited when these songs began.

Bieber wowed Milwaukee. He is an inspiration to fans all over. He has really stepped up his game. Fan or not, anyone would love to see this concert.

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