As far back again as I could remember, teachers acquired nothing at all else but a piece of chalk in university, some just got the plain white ones, while others experienced the multi coloured ones merely to help to make the lessons more interesting. Today, as a educator I am overcome by the multitude of teaching assists available, and a good little alarmed by the leading edge technology open to me. It might be useful using ways, but can certainly become confusing if the teacher is not really acquainted with it. Yet somehow, even with all of this exceptional technology available, I still feel that a bit of chalk is still the best coaching tool available. It might not exactly be “cutting edge” or “modern tools”, but its simplicity and usefulness is still probably the best tool available to educators.

While a great deal of my colleagues favor new technology, I remain partial to the chalk. The dark board is the key device if one uses it well and its full probable, one will recognize that modern equipments may take a step back again. Not every terms centre or school can provide us with the latest technology, as some may face rigid budgets. Furthermore, I don’t feel that these modern gizmos are going to make you a much better teacher which pupil learning efficiency will be greatly increased. The dark-colored plank and the chalk actually reminds them that they are “back school”, for almost all of us was raised in these kinds of classrooms and environment, which really helps to draw the students focus on the lesson accessible. Think for a moment, what you write and how you write on the plank will be moved into the students’ note pads and stamped in their thoughts. There is not a very important factor about the chalk which makes ones job unfeasible or is not in your reach, utilizing a chalk and panel to deliver a lesson is a step forward that we have to follow with our mind.

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A chalk is a coaching tool just like technology is, it isn’t only a writing tool. For a long time we have seen teachers using a white little bit of chalk. Over time, dustless chalk was developed and eventually coloured ones made an appearance. The humble piece of chalk itself has improved over time. Despite the fact that we use the blackboard to create our records for the students, many educators tend to rely on PowerPoint presentations. Yes, the fundamentals will be the same and yes, you can always save a bit of your time as all you need to do is just plug in the computer to the projector. But what goes on when there is a black out? Your records are no longer visible and despite having a back-up generator, if your computer decides to offer trouble, everything your relied on and that which was on it may disappear. However the black board as well as your piece of chalk is still there. The back up generator will provide you with sufficient lighting and you will continue your lesson. I find that whenever you write and present your lessons, students end up more engaged and connections time is excellent, for you can always call on your students to write illustrations on the board themselves. And then again, think of how much, as a instructor, you will save on stationery by using the chalk. WHENEVER I was asked to use a classroom outfitted with only a white panel, I was quite happy at first because it were a step forward from the dark-colored panel and chalk but soon, I realised i needed more than simply a black marker. I love to use colours while i teach, for example, verbs in red, adjectives in renewable etc and I quickly found myself spending much more on markers that dried up quite quickly. Clearly the white table may have other uses, such as behaving as a display if you’ve planned showing slides or a movie using the LCD projector but for teaching spelling or word stress, a table and a bit of chalk are still the best. With a bit of chalk, it is the capability of an individual to hire all teaching methods and experiences to get through to and inspire the learners. Jeremy Harmer prices: “Essentially the most versatile little bit of classroom teaching equipment is the board – it offers a motivating focal point during whole-class grouping. ” With a bit of chalk we have greater effect on our students and we can also establish better connection with them.

So how do you plan your lessons the old designed way? Well it is quite simple, your notes are there to guide you, if you have the opportunity to go into the class before your course starts, make the most to create a few records on the table, but don’t muddle your blackboard, use different colored chalks to make your point. You can also draw things such as simple objects, you don’t have to be an expert, and the actual fact you are by using a chalk you can erase and try again. When you use new technologies, you are unable to improvise your lessons because you are obligated to check out a set style of presentation however, many students require additional attention or information and this little bit of chalk gives you to become versatile in your lesson. You can remove and rewrite. The possibilities offered to teachers using a piece of chalk are endless. A teaching help, like a little bit of chalk, is just a tool to help us deliver our lesson. How effectively we use the chalk as a coaching tool is up to the teacher’s creativeness because no matter how “high tech” is only as valuable so when motivating as its consumer.