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Dec 18th, 2019


An analysis of the epic poem, “Beowulf” and the way it compares to the great Greek epic, “The Iliad”.

The paper analyzes the epic poem of “Beowulf”, written by an unknown poet sometime between the seventh and tenth centuries AD. By discussing the style and content of the poem, the paper compares this poem to another great epic, “The Iliad” by ancient Greek poet, Homer. Some of the similarities shown are the fact that both poems started out in the oral tradition and that both authors were virtually anonymous.
“Perhaps if Beowulf had had more time to develop in the oral tradition, it might have progressed to the more penetrating sort of analysis and insight into epic tragedy that we see in Shakespeare’s work. Meanwhile Beowulf leaves his people without a hero king, exposed to danger from other tribes. In the last lines we feel the tragic intensity of a people who are again at odds with their world with the loss of their hero.

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