Beck – Mutations
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Dec 18th, 2019

Beck – Mutations

Beck, one of the mostinfluential artists of the ’90s, continues to surprise thepublic with his new album,”Mutations.”

Debuting at number 13 on theBillboard charts, “Mutations” is doing well,considering Beck is not releasing any U.S. singles, making anyvideos or getting much radio play. None of the songs on thisalbum could be considered Top 40 material. All the songs on”Muta-tions” are fairly laid back andmellow.

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Beck – Mutations
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Beck uses many instruments on this album.Acoustic guitar, upright bass, acoustic bass, sitar, slideguitar, cello, glockenspiel, harmonica, harpsichord and pianocombine to provide an enjoyable listening experience. Beck isbrimming with musical talent.

Beck’s”Mutations” could be considered a tribute to musicgiants, influenced by artists such as the Beatles, Pink Floydand Neil Young. Older listeners might believe he is copyingothers’ style; “Lazy Flies,” for example, reeks ofthe Beatles, and the first track, “Cold Brains,”sounds a lot like Neil Young.

Beck has stated that thisalbum is not a follow up to his previous album,”Odelay,” and rightly so, because they are nothingalike.

I do not encourage you to buy this album if youenjoy today’s Top 40 hits. Beck does not cater to themainstream with “Mutations.” If you’re interested intrying something new for a change, however, don’t be afraid togive this album a try.

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