Basic information about writing a persuasive speech essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Basic information about writing a persuasive speech essay

When writing an essay of this kind, you have to be for or against something and you need to bring arguments to convince the readers. Such a style is commonly used in case of advertisements, which are meant to make people buy a given product or service. In an essay, it is important to make the readers accept the writer’s point of view. The persuasive speech essays must contain examples and facts to back up your opinion. When writing an opinion essay it is important to follow a given format. There is a need for an introduction, a body (where the arguments are developed), and the conclusion. Once the essay is written, it is important to proofread it, edit it, and revise it.

The role of the introduction is to grab the attention of the reader. This can be accomplished through using several “tricks”. One of these is opening with a surprising or shocking detail. Such an opening will make the readers want to find out more. Another option is to start with a strong statement or a quotation. An outrageous statement or exaggeration might also do the trick. A short anecdote can catch the reader’s attention as well, but it is important for it to be short and concise. The goal of the persuasive speech essays isn’t to be funny, so you shouldn’t write something longer than a few sentences. You could also look up some facts or statistics pertaining to your topic. In short of any other good idea, you may open with a question that you will answer with your arguments.

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Basic information about writing a persuasive speech essay
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Another role of the introduction of the persuasive essay speech is to state the thesis. This has three main objectives: it gives information regarding the main topic of the essay, it sets the limits of the topic, and it also foreshadows the structure of the paper. The thesis should transmit the message that you know what you want to write about, you know what your opinion is in the given matter, and you know how to present it.

Once you are past the introduction, you should move on to the body, in which you will present your arguments supporting your opinion. Generally speaking, there is the need for at least three paragraphs for the body. Each of these should present one argument. If we’re talking about a persuasive essay speech, most probably there are good arguments for both sides of the question. In order to write a compelling essay, it is important to know about the arguments of the other side and come up with counter-arguments in anticipation. You could dedicate an entire paragraph to possible counter-arguments and your responses to them.

When writing persuasive essay speeches you should use the results of researches and statistical data, examples, and real-life experiences. You can do this by generating hypothetical instance. This is usually used when you create an argument and you want the reader to change their point of view. Introduce the reader into a hypothetical situation. Another method is clarifying a position. Make sure you take into consideration all you have to explain and what aspects can be assumed.

Think of writing your essay as a work in progress. Think through all the procedure from head to start. In order to be more persuasive, you might want to start the sentence with a verb. Ensure that the reader has all the background information they need and use illustrations, if needed. In case you are using specialty terms, you should explain them in advance. Using comparisons is another good tactic to make sure you will make your arguments stick. Compare your topic at hand to something similar, but easier to accept by the readers. These can be alternating or opposing. An analogy can also be used. This means that you find important similarities between two topics that otherwise seem very different. It helps to find something that is familiar to the reader and compare your case to that one.

In order for the persuasive essay speech to be professional, you might want to offer the readers an analysis. You can divide the topic into sub-topics and analyze them separately to make it easier for the readers to understand.

Persuasive Speech Essay: Go out with a bang

In the end you will need a thesis conclusion. This will include summarizing all the ideas you presented in the body of the essay. In order not to repeat yourself, you could paraphrase them. State your thesis again to ensure the reader knows what is expected of them. It is common for the essays to end with a call to action. You can do this by formulating a prediction. This is most suitable for cause and effect and narrative discussions. Just as the name suggests, it predicts something that will or will not happen based on the discussion.

Another approach is to end the essay with a question. This way the readers will be able to draw their own conclusions or make their own predictions. You could also make a recommendation in the conclusion. This stresses the remedies and actions that could make the situation presented better. Adding a proper quotation is also a good way to conclude your essay. This can serve the purpose of summarizing, predicting, asking a question, or calling to action.

Remember that writing a persuasive essay speech isn’t the same as writing a rhetorical analysis essay. Nonetheless, it can be presented in several different ways. You could opt for the apa paper or cms paper format. If the assignment doesn’t specify what kind of format your paper should have, chose that one you are most comfortable with. This way you will have a better chance of getting a good grade for all your hard work.

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