Badlands by Halsey
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Dec 18th, 2019

Badlands by Halsey

Listening to Hasley’s debut album “Badlands is like listening to young adult angst in a pastel colored package. Hasley, anagrammed from the first name of New York Native Ashley Frangipane, has the haunting dark pop, hip-hop sounds that accurately describes the searching and pain of finding your place in the world.

In the song “New Americana” she satirically makes fun of the view that the older generations view the younger generation. From the lyrics “high on legal marijuana,” she sings of the anthem of what the others thinks of the her, with her I don’t care attitude. Asking” what kind of dope had they been smoking lately,” while the vocals show the haunting side of not knowing who she is.

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Badlands by Halsey
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Perhaps the most intriguing song in the album is“Control.” Halsey who has battled with bipolar disorder, tells her listeners what it is like do not know herself as she battles her mental side.

And that sometimes she doesn’t know who is in control. The last song on the record, “Ghost”already released as a single, perfectly captures the entire album in a single line, “I am searching for something, that I can’t reach.”Every song is punctuated with this bitter sadness of searching for something, but not knowing what it is.A perfect soundtrack that accurately describes the millennial generation. Maybe Hasley will have found what she is looking for in her next album.

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