Avril Lavigne — Let Go
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Dec 18th, 2019

Avril Lavigne — Let Go

Ifthere is one singer who expresses what she feels, and couldn’t care less if youdon’t buy her CD, it’s Avril Lavigne. Her punk-rock songs define music for allages. With the debut of her new album “Let Go,” her songs”Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi” have gone to the top of thecharts. They had a little help from her luscious lyrics, modern melodies and herability to entertain an audience of screaming, cheering fans.

Avril’slyrics are what makes her stand out. In “Sk8er Boi,” she says what shefeels about two people who used to like each other. The girl is very popular andthe boy is what she calls a “sk8er boi.” He likes her, and she secretlylikes him, but her friends don’t, so they never date. A few years later, she seeshim jammin’ on MTV and realizes what she missed. This song is a huge hit becauseso many can relate to this kind of peer pressure.

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Avril Lavigne — Let Go
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“Complicated,” another hit, expresses how Avril feels aboutpeople trying to be someone they are not. “I like you the way you are,”she sings, and “You’ve become somebody else ’round everyone else.” Justlike a storybook fable, her songs have subtle morals that add a different kind oftwist.

Even though it wouldn’t bother her if you didn’t like her music,she finds no point in swearing and rambling on about nothing. Anyone can stand upon stage and scream and curse, but Avril has pride and takes the time tocarefully write her songs. She has made a killer impact on youngadults.

Avril’s melodies are memorable; when you hear her song once, itstays stuck in your head. It’s one of those you can sing between classes and nothear a teacher say “detention” for using foul language. And theinstruments really complement her singing; the eccentric electric guitar and allthe beats to her songs are recognizable. She has catchy beats that express joyand pleasantness.

Avril is so different from those who rap about beingaddicted to drugs, being in rehab or battling depression. Their beats are draband boring, unlike Avril, who keeps an upbeat of a contagious, hiptempo.

Avril is surely not your average pop princess. She says what shefeels, and is not afraid to say it. “Princesses” like Britney andChristina think they need to dance around on stage half-naked and includesuggestive activity on their videos to receive attention. If this is true, thenwhy does Avril Lavigne have the same luck wearing a loose shirt, baggy pants anda tie? It’s her style, her trademark, and for the most part, people think it’scool.

Avril didn’t enter the music business to beat out Britney andChristina but to share her confidence and talent with the world. She is notworried about being the tallest, the prettiest or even the sexiest; for her it’sabout how serious she is at her job and how she enjoys some of the simplestpleasures of life.

“Can I make it any more obvious?” she singsin “Complicated.” Well, can I? From her luscious lyrics to heroutrageous melodies to her modesty, so many admire her. If you haven’t heard”Let Go,” you better grab her CD next time you’re in a music store.You’re lucky if it’s still there because the first week her album was out, it wasjumping off the shelves.

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