Autism in Children
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Dec 18th, 2019

Autism in Children

A discussion on the increase in autism cases in the United States.

This paper studies the development disorder of autism in children and sheds light on some important research in this area. The writer explores the statistics that reveal that autism is now on the rise among children in the United States with as many as 250,000 children suffering from this condition.
“Autism is a serious developmental disorder in which children often do not follow the correct development milestones and thus suffer form various forms of speech and cognitive defects. There are usually more than one symptoms of the disorder and the conditions can vary from person to person in its intensity and gravity but most commonly such children appear to exist in some isolated world. For reasons that appear completely baffling to researchers and scientist, Autistic children are usually not capable of understanding what the other person wants them to do; in short they cannot follow instructions correctly.

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Autism in Children
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