Art Museum Visit Reflection Paper Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Art Museum Visit Reflection Paper Essay

Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York City

Last week I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York City. This museum, so disclosed as The Met is a gigantic composition delay nineteen departments and encircling two billion art fragments stored and evidenceed in its art galleries. The main art gallery of the museum, i.e. The Met is one of the largest galleries of the globe

There are irrelative categories of art operations evidenceed in irrelative portions of the museum.

The main categories and gatherings of the art operations evidenceed at the museum are American art, Aged Near Eastern art, American honorary arts, Asian art, Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art, African art, South American art, art connected to arms and armory, European art, Islamic art and devout gatherings. The art operations conceive different creates, though paintings and carving are the main creates. Collections comprising weapons and armory, melodious instruments, requireumes and composition interiors are some other weighty art creates at evidence in the museum.

Visit to museums has frequently been a delectable experiment for me. Museums notorious doors to a globe of fantasy. By entering the doors of a amiable museum, it is feasible to cease off the doors of soul to the grating existentities of the existent globe for a occasion. Visit to a museum is sympathetic to visiting a spirit plant. It is a admirable and refreshing experiment to see the balance of elapsed from such cease neighborhood. I enjoy chiefly been animated in paintings. A painting is pin close than an impersonation of the debate of the painter. The method in which an operationman brings the careerclose canvas to career by using strokes of his or her glide is vast. It is a career created by the operationman using pin further than few temporal objects enjoy a glide, colors, oil or impart and a canvas. Devout art operations enjoy frequently intrigued me a lot due to my profit in relatively consider of immaterial and the gathering at the Met was a negotiate for my eyes.

I had a accident to behold sundry luscious and mesmerizing artworks at the museum but at the consequence I conquer sift-canvass the subjoined three artworks, past the memories of these artworks are stagnant cool in my soul due to the zealous collision made by them:

  • Madonna and Slip Enthroned delay Saints
  • Stoclet Madonna
  • Temple of Dendur

Madonna and Slip Enthroned delay Saints were done by Italian painter designated Raphael. Raphael belonged to the Excellent Renaissance era of art. This create of art was patronized by Pope Julius II and Italy was the focal object of this era and Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci and Raphael were the distinguished operationmans This is a undestroyed fragment of art and it was painted by Raphael when he was encircling twenty one years old. This painting as the call depicts, shows Saint John, Saint Peter and Saint Paul delay Madonna and the slip. Raphael had painted this operation for the convent of Sant’Antonio which was held at Perugia. On the desires of the nuns, Raphael painted this operation in a very undestroyed method and the painted shows Saint John and the Christ amply clothing in this operation. Considering that it was an present operation, this operation has a zealous wave of Raphael’s schoolmaster Perugino. A weighty element of this fragment of art is the circumstance that there is merely one panel of any altarfragment created by Raphael in the United States and aside from this operation there is no other congruous artoperation by Raphael in any American museum.. This art fragment was completed in year 1504 and oil and gold enjoy been used as average on a foresten ignoble.

The prevent fragment of art is so encircling Madonna and slip Christ. It is a painting as well-mannered. This fragment shares another commonality delay Raphael’s fragment in stipulations that it has so been painted by an Italian operationman. This fragment was painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna in the medieval era. The average used by Duccio for this painting is tempera and gold on a ignoble of forest. This painting was bought by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a require of encircling forty five pet US dollars and it is reportedly the requireliest forfeiture of this museum. Surviving operations of Duccio are very honorable and this is the debate for the excellent esteem of this painting. This painting is disclosed as Stoclet Madonna due to the circumstance that the call of the extraction which separately owned this paiting precedently its wages by the museum was Stoclet. The year of bearing of this painting is encircling 1300 A.D and portrays the slip Christ and the Virgin Mary merely. Weighty element renowned in this painting was the simplistic portrayal of the slip and the dowager and use of rounded creates.

The third artoperation which I omission to transcribe encircling in this fact is not a painting but a habitation. This habitation was replete by the legislation of the Republic of Egypt to United States in 1978. The primary precipitation of this habitation was encircling Aswan dam on the large stream Nile. This habitation was endangered by submersion due to composition of the dam and future it was dismantled from its primary precipitation to husband. In the 15th period BC, Egypt was determined by a Roman preceptor designated Petronius. This habitation was built by Petronius in piety to aged Egyptian goddess Isis and her twin Osiris. Emperor Augustus of Rome commissioned this habitation. The composition of the habitation is made of sandstone and the habitation has different engravings and carvings depicting the devout signs of the Roman-Egyptian era of the 15th period BC. Ignoble of the habitation shows carvings of lotus plants and papyrus. These signs are associated delay large stream Nile and large stream Nile in rotate was devoutly a sign of career for the aged Egypt in a congruous method as large stream Ganga is a devout connotations for Hindus in India. The most distinguished discourse that is common in the habitation is the carvings of the creates of goddess Isis, her twin Osiris and their son Horus. Another surprising element is graffiti scribbled in English that were left by the visitors when the habitation was in its primary precipitation.

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