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Dec 18th, 2019


Arcangel 26 was born in New York but moved to Puerto Rico in the 80,s to full fill his dream to become an artist. As a young artist on the rise he met De la ghetto another artist who at this time was blowing up in the Label Machete, Flow factory, and Mas flow Inc. The two artists instantly collaborated which gave arcangel more notice in the music world of reggaeton. He became a famous Spanish singer all around the world. ‘El Fenomeno’ Arcangel newest album released in 2008. This album was an amazing album his songs give a lot of meaning. His lead single ‘Por Amar a Ciegas’ track #2 on his cd is a very dramatic song and the video will leave chills running down your spine. This talks about how he’s with a woman and he asks people if his life is right and is she the woman for him and many people say no to him that she will do him wrong in the end but he basically ignores them and decides to do what he wants and than one day she leaves him and takes all his money and than he realizes time was wasted.

People should listen more to Arcangel’s music because I know they will be able to relate to what he try’s to express in his lyrics. Not all of his songs are about love there are also some great beats and anthems that will keep you on your feet. Arcangel is an artist who sings with a mixture of rap, R, hip hop and techno. There’s a mixture of everything if you enjoy passionate love songs or fast speeding music that u can dance to than u will jus be crazy about this cd.

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