Anti Rihanna by Rihanna
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Dec 18th, 2019

Anti Rihanna by Rihanna

Anti is Rihanna’s 8th album. It released on January 28th and has already gone Platinum. With much wait over the last couple years from her Navy which is her fan base, she has finally released it. From all that wait i can say it definitely was worth it. From “Consideration” down to “Close to me” you can hear the effort and time Rihanna put into making it.
Collaborating with hit making producers such as DJ Mustard Kurk Harrell and Jeff Bhasker. While also including rapper Travis Scott into the mix who had a great influence on the artist during the recording of Anti. In this album we hear a much different style then before. She adds a more reggae style mixed with pop, which has always been her genre. It really stands out on it’s on and is different from anything she has done before.
Throughout the album her island accent tends to swing by and hit us adding more of a Caribbean flavor to each song.

Like i said before, this is the first time the artist has done this since she has always tried to target for her pop princess title. This is also the first time we get to hear her own style which tends to be more of a dark alternative grudge sound mixed with her own island sound. We tend to hear this in her first song “Consideration”. Talking about her career. She wants to be considered her own artist, writing and producing her own music. Skipping ahead to “Woo” we hear her right hand man Travis Scott who helped produce that song. It goes into a much grudge sound with her voice sounding distorted it gives you chills just hearing it.
Moving onto some of my favorite pieces from the album which are her ballads. “Love in the Brain” automatically fits that category perfectly. Hearing a 50’s 60’s doo wop melody to it. You can compare to some classical artist such as Etta James. Rihanna talks about the difficulties of being in love with someone and having to put up with all the troubles claiming its “love in the brain”. The next song would be the last of the album “Close to me” you get to hear her voice without interruptions throughout. With a soothing melody it becomes a beautiful showstopper.
Rihanna’s deluxe version of Anti gives you 3 more songs to listen to, which are also some of my favorites. You get “Good Night Gotham” “Pose” and “With Me” which are more fun grudge songs that are a good way to end the album. With that being said this album has definitely become my favorite already having the single “Work” which features Drake. It has become one of the catchiest songs of 2016. This album is definitely one to buy, it will have you going through the motions.

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