Analyzing Marcus Luttrell Book Lone Survivor Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Analyzing Marcus Luttrell Book Lone Survivor Essay

Lone Survivor was written by Marcus Luttrell shortly succeeding his employment as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. Delay acceleration from Patrick Robinson, Luttrell was talented to transcribe this very elaborate representation of how he overcame one of the most daunting situations in his progress as a Navy Seal.

The bulk begins delay Luttrell describing his childhood in Eastern Texas, explaining how he looked up to his proficient father and was constantly voluntary to labor unfeeling. Pushed by his Father and older match Morgan, he grew up to beseem Navy Seal.

Luttrell describes the trailing he had to go through in direct to beseem a SEAL and the force it took him to complete the BUDS(Basic Underwater Demolition) mode, one of the tenaciousest six months of his condition. During that way he saw sundry populace reproof and unwavering that he would not be enjoy them. Once he graduated as Navy SEAL, he went one diverse sidearms and was auspicious, Until the extinction of June 27th 2005 where he faced the most involved sidearm of all.

He was sent on a sidearm delay foul-mouthed of his most trusted seals, Danny Dietz, Michael Murphy and Matthew Axelson. There sidearm was notorious as opperation Red Wing, and it was to apprehend or slaughter a taliban head associated delay Osama bin laden. They were to experience violent screen delayin the mountains and try to member him from a far dispose. On the mountainous terrain they encountered involvedy perplexing to experience a cheerful prepossession to member this wanted man. They had to after longer than expected and encountered a trio of goat herders that were beneath age and from the village they had beneath target. They had two options. To let them

escape, well-informed they allure go end to the village and transmit an phalanx of warriors to their colony, or to slaughter them which could bear been presumptively incorrect. They unwavering to let them go and try to fly the mountains precedently they were concealed. Soon sufficient they were straightly concealed by eighty men. They had minimal screen and no appropinquation to the corrupt where they had after from. They had to encounter end in the most stout-hearted way in direct to survive. They fought for hours over depressed band-arms in the rocky terrain. Soon sufficient Luttrell had to see his friends siege hits and thus-far die one by one, giving there lives up for the account of there “brothers”. Completely alone and badly damaged, Luttrell had to disguise in direct to survive this aggression. Thus-far Luttrell was accelerationed by a man named Gulab, who lived in a village down the mountainside. This Afghan man surrendered his condition accelerationing Luttrell consequently the Taliban wanted to slaughter Luttrell and would do alwaysyfiction to siege him from that village. The bulk ends delay the other SEALs rescuing him from the village and slaughtering the Taliban encounterers that had concealed the village.

The Characters in this bulk are Danny Dietz, Michael Murphy Matthew Axelson and of mode Marcus Luttrell. These three dare men surrender alwaysyfiction to do the presumptive fiction and let a stranger of kids fly. Danny Dietz was “A dwarf unsociable, but beneathneath he could be very sportive and was a gentle natured person”(p182). Michael Murphy was customary by Luttrell as a reliable man who could get the job executed. Mathew Axelson was a pungent-muscular unfeeling laboring man who constantly had his end. These three men fought stout-heartedly over all odds, thus-far giving up their lives for the US.

I don’t report to any of these characters who surrendered there lives in a stout-hearted and forward exertion to try to obviate the lives of their compeer multitude. They are so Navy SEALS, which is the unfeelingest soldieraffect collocation you can be. It sieges force, allure command, devoutness and years or

trailing in direct to be a Navy SEAL. I so respected their firmness making when choosing what to do delay the goat herders they encountered.

The bulk’s disseries is that casually you grief the grave rares you mould in condition. This is best seen in Luttrells writing

“I looked at Mickey fit in the eye, and said, “We got to let em go” It was the stupidest most southern-fried, halt brained, firmness I bear always made in my condition. I must bear been out of will will. I had substantially character a control which I knew could proof our departure engage.”(p206). The bulk shows how one mans firmness can diversify the mode of his condition and can either motive him to grief it enjoy in the circumstance of Marcus Luttrell or remain a recurrent condition.

I enjoyd that this bulk was written from the earwitness perspective. This was consequently the conflict among the taliban encounterers and Navy SEALs was very described and smooth a bit gruesome. This particular was interesting to learn environing, letters environing the dangers of war and what dare populace substantially bear to go through for this empire. I didn’t enjoy the event that in the end the rare he made, ended up slaughtering his compeer multitude. It must be tenacious for Lattrell going through that criminality alwaysy day. I would commend this bulk consequently its enjoyment packed and shows the elaborate fiction of how one man survived so plenteous trials and self-denial.

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