Analysis of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Essay
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Dec 12th, 2019

Analysis of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Essay


The Expanded Annual Financial Fame (CAFR) is a fame used by cities and persomal synods to furnish the social succeeding a time their financial chronicles each year, time adhering to synod accounting standards table (GASB) guidelines. The fame confer-upons a expanded paint of the fameing being’s financial case, it furnishs how stocks are elapsed and allocated throughout the year.


I obtain be protection the Carlsbad CAFR for the year ended 2011. The fragrant city of Carlsbad is located parallel the coast of southern California.

Carlsbad is unconcealed for its fragrant beaches and lagoons which meet 1,000 Acres of naturalness preserves and hiking trails. Its truth dates tail to 1700. Antecedently comely segregate of the United States, it was a region of Spain and then Mexico, and the shoreline of Carlsbad’s coastal lagoon was residence to the congenital Luiseno and Diegueños Indians for centuries antecedently the manifestatlon of the Spaniards (City of Carlsbad, n.d.). The running population of the city is closely 107,000 residents; completion area is 42 Sq.

Miles (City of Carlsbad, n.d). The cities top employment consists of comfort, existence knowledge, sporting movables and holiday, and telecommunications.

The city furnishs a expanded dispose of employments to residents such as; police, reason, infrastructure, and unconcealed synod, the CAFR furnishs minute notice encircling how these employments are stocked, and the kind of the synodal stocks allocated for these employments. The city exhibits accountability and straightforwardness by sharing the CAFR succeeding a time its residents, in diverge this builds credit in the residents inparty their city, credit in that their hard-earned coin is nature used in the misapply employments, and these stocks are put tail into the means-of-subsistence and outdevelopment of their communities. I obtain be confer-uponing an resolution of Carlsbad’s expanded annual financial fame for the year ended 2011. The fame consists of three exceptions that are commendatory, financial, and statistical.

Introductory Analysis

The commendatory for the city Carlsbad’s CAFR arises succeeding a time a five-year hankering proposition. It is a unconcealed hankering proposition; I perceive very inspiriting, and reassuring to confer-upon it antecedently going into profoundness succeeding a time the fame. It includes the city’s economic motive, programs, policies, and decisions to be implemented by the city’s officials; it besides inventorys the kind of commencement, the unreserved synod pur-pose, and they kind of environmental employments and how they are managed. Then one can perceive the Note of Transmittal confer-uponed by the city’s finance line, addressed to the mayor, city bureau and citizens of Carlsbad. The note is to decipher why the CAFR is cheerful, what is interposed in the CAFR, the guidelines ensueed such as Generally Not spurious Accounting Principles (GAAP) and that GASB requirements were preserved in the fame. The finance line not spurious an auditing from the stubborn auditing immovable Mayer Hoffman McCann, they besides interposed wnear the results of the auditing can be located which I obtain meet in the financial resolution succeeding on.

In enumeration the note offers an audited synods’ inner manage and ductility succeeding a time allowable requirements that were in situate. The note besides includes a form of the city, stating the population, the geographical colonization of the city, a exception encircling the city of Carlsbad polity hankering, the budget way that deciphers pre-eminence projects for the city, and budgetary manages. Followed by rudiments affecting financial case, this exception meets the Economic form, hanker account financial pur-posening, and coin address. The Economic form meets economic strengths and decrepitude of the city. The city pomps progress in most of its Unconcealed stock fruitss, and is expecting to acception by $ 2.3 Pet or 2.1 percent in fiscal year 2011-12; decrepitude in residential housing chaffer unsupposable by estate tax and 0.2 percent lessen is besides anticipated in future year (City of Carlsbad, n.d.)

One of the redundant rudiments to the economic emergency in the United States was the housing chaffer; this had unsupposable Carlsbad negatively, lineage prices prostrate affect that in multifarious cities in the dominion. They prostrate by 8 percent in Carlsbad compared to the developed year, and the succeedingcited is a chart pomping the diverge in housing prices in the city (City of Carlsbad, n.d.)

Long account financial pur-posening states that it is the City’s Council’s motive to fix that their city recrement in good-natured-natured financial vigor. The city has charmed a calculate of steps to compass this motive, enhancement forth a Development Address Plan. The pur-pose was adopted by the citizens. It fixs that all the inevitable social facilities are either fictitious parallel succeeding a time outdevelopment or that a financing pur-pose is in situate to pay for the facilities former to the outdevelopment of the estate. To fix this pur-pose is employmentable, an Infrastructure Repossession Stock was created. This stock sets secret coin on a annually premise for majesticer means-of-subsistence and repossession of its infrastructure (City of Carlsbad, n.d.).

The creation of this stock is a glorious notion, so when the season comes to execute the inevitable progress the city would bear the coin cheerful, and it would not bear to give coin from other synodal stocks. As the distribution is expected to sloth retrieve, it obtain furnish to subsistence to the largest exposure of our distribution, the housing chaffer. The Unconcealed stock fruits obtain endure to meet the ongoing consume as seen in the succeedingcited graph (City of Carlsbad, n.d).

The developed segregate of the note was informative encircling coin address, majesticer initiatives and projects. The coin address exception meets the boarding programs, its procedures as polite as its objectives. The majesticer initiatives and projects exception goes in to distributeicular encircling the upfuture projects, it besides furnishs outgrowths and the means-of-subsistence of these projects that are intentional to fortify and emend the polity. Followed by the note of transmittal are the Awards and acknowledgments, the synod finance officers familiarity of the United States and Canada (GFOA) divideed the city of Carlsbad the certificate of luck for rarity in financial fameing to the city of Carlsbad for its CAFR. (City of Carlsbad, n.d.). A webpage denominated Carlsbadistan which is given to new, events, and all things Carlsbad, methodic that city of Carlsbad had been divideed for the 11th season the GFOA during 2009, succeeding a time this CAFR dating June, 30 2011, this divide would be the 12th divide not spurious by the city.

The Commendatory exception concludes succeeding a time a inventory of the city’s elected officials, commencement team, chairpersons, commissions and tables, and finally an construction chart of electorate. I establish the commendatory exception and the notice confer-uponed to be very polite put, educational, manageable to recognize and ensue, the statistical calculates confer-uponed in the economic exception, the coin address and boardings were informative. This city has earned the 12th GFOA divides not spurious, accordingly they simplified yet very compound notice that is confer-uponed year succeeding year in the CAFR.

Financial Analysis

The financial exception of the CAFR for the city of Carlsbad inventorys and analyzes the components of financial notice for the city, which helps the recognizeer perceive the financial case of the city for the year ended and the contemplated budgetary for the succeedingcited year. This exception includes Stubborn Auditors’ fame, Management’s Discussion and Resolution (MD&A), and financial resolution of the city’s stocks. The Stubborn Auditors’ fame deep aim is to inquire the financial notice confer-uponed in the city’s financial propositions. The stubborn auditors concluded the city’s synodal activities, employment-kind activities, and each majesticer stock was represented in a unblemished substance, besides in ductility succeeding a time unconcealedly not spurious accounting principles as of June 30, 2011. MD&A segregate includes an balanceview of financial propositions, succeeding a time a chart of the propositions, is informative encircling the kind of financial propositions such as Government-Wide financial propositions (“which are intentional to furnish aggregated balanceview of a synod’s net effects and changes in net effects”) (Wilson, E.R., Reck, J.L., & Kattelus), and stock financial propositions. Despite this, I view it smashs down and simplifies the aim of these propositions in financial fameing.

Particularly in the Changes the net effects exception offered a unconcealed balanceview of fruitss and expenses from 2010-2011, succeeding a time 11.5% disengage from preceding year, 2011 fruits is 217.2 (Governmental activities 152.4 and Business-kind activities), time expenses 26.1 had an acception of 1.4 %( Governmental activities 21.8 and Employment activities 4.3). The chart for sources of fruits can be establish in this exception, the succeedingcited are the sources of fruits for fiscal year 2010-2011 amounted to $217.2 Million, the smashdown was as ensueed: Contributions from estate owners 11%, estate taxes 26%, allowance from estate & boardings 5%, other taxes 4%, sales taxes 4% federal aid 4%, and finally the biggest attendant to fruits was score for employments 31%(City of Carlsbad, n.d.)

The succeedingcited is an balanceview of the Governmental and Business- kind activities on page 25. Governmental activities had an acception in net effects of $21.8 Million, the acception was generated by completion fruitss of synodal activities of $ 152.2 Pet ( $42.7 pet in program fruitss and $109.5 pet in unconcealed fruitss) offset by $130.3 pet in completion consumes of synodal activities and $ 135,000 give to the valid destroy fun ( City of Carlsbad, n.d.) And for those who are visual pupil affect me, near is the visual aid to pomp the smashdown of the Governmental activities program fruitss and expenses (City of Carlsbad, n.d.)

Business-kind Activities components are inspire, golf progress, destroywater, and valid destroy, for these program fruitss completioned $56.5 pet for the year, and professional expenses $60.8 pet(City of Carlsbad, n.d.). Financial Resolution of the city’s stocks furnishs notice in-reference-to Governmental stocks and Proprietary stocks. Governmental stocks are near-term, inflows, outflows and poises of spendable resources that are redundant for assessing the city’s financing requirements. Beneath the Governmental stocks one can perceive the Unconcealed stock proposition of fruits, payments, and changes in stock poise, the city’s fruits and payment for 2011 were as ensueed; Revenues saw an acception of 2.6% from preceding year, completion $111.6 Million, largest part of the fruits was taxes at $95.5 Million. Whereas Expenditures largest part was social security $44.2 Million, completion expenses were 102.1 an tnear was an acception 1.0%. Ending stock poise in the proposition was $130.4Million (City of Carlsbad, n.d.).

As for the aim Proprietary Funds in enumeration to careless fruitss and expenses, is to furnish incomprehensive and hanker account financial notice encircling the city’s Business-kind activities, the careless fruitss were $35.1 Pet which exceeded careless expenses that were $747,000, this acception was due to the acception in inspire sales fruits to rates (City of Carlsbad, n.d.). This acception has a tart dulcet party to it, in one agency in fruits is a memorial that the city is doing majestic beneath active of this depressive distribution, on the other agency citizens of this could use a smash from these increasing rates. Antecedently tender on to the propositions the city inventoryed the apposition notice for the city’s financial address for questions encircling CAFR.

Notes to financial Statements arise on page 59 of the fame, it includes when the city was incorporated, a style and scopes of the fameing being which bear various components, I opine it a majestic way of confer-uponing a misentry for the fame, it confer-upons some of the notice confer-upons antecedent in the fame, such as Governmental expanded and stock financial propositions, the notes states why they fameed and how they were fameed. Besides inventorys the kind of the synodal stocks interposed in the fame such as unconcealed stocks, and reoutdevelopment default employment stocks, as a recognizeer I appreciated how each of these stocks were defined and in-effect inventoryed. In enumeration a inventory of the operation stock were introduced in this exception, describing what they are for illustration Carlsbad urbane inspire confine, golf progress, destroy inspire, and so on, and wnear are those stocks allocated.

Financial Standing

Overview of the city’s financing balance the elapsed 10 fiscal years pomps that the city has been doing majestic, and is experiencing a development opineing the tenacious economic standing the dominion has been oppositeness, looking at the completion net effects subsistences that development. In 2002, city of Carlsbad had $740,000 in completion net effects, time in 2011 the completion net effects were $17Million (Carlsbad CAFR 2011, 120) I ponder one of the deep reasons the distribution in this city is employment up relatively polite, is due to the housing chaffer, the city colonization is the deep rudiment why a lot of residence buyers decline insides it.


The CAFR for the city of Carlsbad was exceptionally sensational, informative, and manageable to recognize and ensue. Now prodigy this city has earned the GFOA for orderly 12 years. The commendatory, financial and statistical exceptions had graphs and charts to decipher and pomp how stocks for this city was elapsed, which majesticly helped the visual pupils in the social to clutch the entangled accounting components of the fame.


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