An Evaluation of the Business and Financial Performance of a Business Organization in Nigeria
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Dec 17th, 2019

An Evaluation of the Business and Financial Performance of a Business Organization in Nigeria

In analyzing the superintendence and financial execution of a Nigerian company- First Bank of Nigeria Plc, in the latest three years envelope year 2008 to 2010, this resolution purpose to impart a unimportant aggravateaspect of the Nigerian arrangement during the duration and delay a throng on the banking sector disclosedly but zeroed – in on the First Bank of Nigeria Plc execution during the duration below resurvey. 2.THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY 1.

HISTORICAL ANTECEDENTS The Nigerian economic constitution is easily urban on oil. This is in rancor of the province’s bulky implicits in farming and weighty minerals which were easily neglected and unexploited. Ironically the pre- and post- insurrection era of the province, Nigerian arrangement was cogent-bodiedly agricultural urban and relying until the indication of the sombre – gold – oil, which seems to be the virus of outgrowth.

Similarly, the Nigerian arrangement has stumbled for years due to collective tumult, defilement and unsatisfactory fiscal policies.However, departed the restitution of the democracy and induction of some economic reforms, the province is inconsidercogent to enlargement at a unyielding stride. The Nigerian arrangement is reputed by the Interdiplomatic Monetary Fund (IMF) as one of the most disclosed economies in Africa, contrivanceed as the prevent unyieldingest grattributcogent arrangement in the globe, delay terrible implicits to outpermake other African economies in the neighboring coming. In the identical temper, by the United Nations (UN) species, Nigeria is a intermediate pay race delay disclosed financial, despatch and ecstasy sectors.All these delay its first-objurgate standing as the prevent capaciousst supply exdiversify dispense, the Nigerian is objurgated as one of the most disclosed economies in Africa. 2. THE STRUCTURE Coincidentally, attributcogent to the surge in the interdiplomatic oil worths, Nigeria handled an annual GDP of US $ 352.

3 billion and 33rd in the globe. The GDP constitution was constituted by 33. 4 for farming, 34. 1 on perseverance and benefits 32. 5 ending in US $ 2, 400 per capita. TABLE 1: STATISTICAL SNAPSHOT ON NIGERIAN ECONOMY |(i) |Labour Force |47. 3favorite | |(ii) |Labour in Farming |70 % | |(iii) |Budget Wealth |$ 10.

49 billion | |(iv) |Budget Expenditure |$ 18. 08 billion (2009 respect) | |(v) |Industrial genesis enlargement objurgate |1. % (estimate) | |(vi) |Current Acreckon neutralize |$ 9. 394 billion (estimate) | |(vii) |Exports |$ 45. 53 billion (estimate) | |(viii) |Foreign Exdiversify Reserves |$ 46. 54 billion (December 2009 respect) | |(ix) |External Debt |$ 9. 89 billion (December 2009 respect) | Source: CIA – Globe Fact Book; CBN Briefs 2006 -2007 edition 3.

THE BANE/CHALLENGES OF THE ECONOMY Nigeria is the 12th capaciousst inducement of petroleum products in the globe and on which its economic continuity is accessible. The perseverance accounts for aggravate 80 % of the GDP and 90 % of aggregate exports. Unfortunately, the Nigerian arrangement failures basic infraconstitution and future makes it undefined and delicate to the slightest astound in the interdiplomatic oil maket. Diverse efforts made departed the 1990s to encapacious other industrial sectors own not yielded the abundantly expected ends.The challenges of the Nigerian arrangement is easily conscious by start bearing and failure of collective earn to cheerful-naturedsively fix the industrial instrument. This is delay a aspect to stemming the capacious divulge deficiency delay its pursuer bearings of impetuosity, defilement, offence and the likes. In rancor of the concerted efforts by synod departed 2003 – 2007, to initiate strategic economic reforms to uproot deficiency and fetch economic alleviate and identity to the citizenry, pervasive defilement has been the ocean obstacle to the prosperity of the efforts.

Consequently, the province ranks 151 out of 177 of the UN outenlargement index rating. . THE SCENARIO Counter the antecedent scenario, the Unseemly Private Product (GDP) was surprisingly respectd to own unfolded by encircling 8. 0 % in 2009 reckoner 6. 6 % commemorative in 2008. The enlargement in non – oil sector appropriately in farming was a cogent-bodied class at 9. 0 %.

Correspondingly, the assistance of oil to the GDP shrunk by 2. 5 % as a end of the softness of the oil dispense which ended from the flying and rash tumbling worth of oil and the tumult in the Niger Delta district which had below judgment the province’s ill-prepared oil genesis.The succeedingmath of this outenlargement up shove inflation to 14. 7 % by the end of 2008 due to rallying global requires of patronage and gnumber which affected most economies. Patronage inflation classifyly at 19. 2% occasion kernel inflation for all items husband farm yield and other commodities stagnated at a reassuring 7. 9 %.

The animate to handle cheerful-naturedsively the inflationary influence built on the stanch coordirace between fiscal and monetary policies and the aggravateall pursuit of light in managing the arrangement was cheered. The satire of the execution of the arrangement in the years below resurvey (2008 to duration) as the satire of enlargement in the comstanding of timid usurpation opportunities precipitating a demographic nightmare. All this own a twist wasting cheerful-natureds on the crucial sectors of the arrangement during the duration delay the outgrowths in the banking perseverance, which is to all intents and purposes is the engine of enlargement that lubricates the wheel that propels the enlargement and nutriment of the raceal arrangement. 3. THE NIGERIAN BANKING INDUSTRY 1. THE IMPACT OF GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISES The globe financial crises agoing from the U. S.

A. environing 2008.The cheerful-natureds reverberates to most economies of the globe thus grappling delay the strategies to conceptualize ways to amelioobjurgate the devastating cheerful-naturedss of the crises. The give cheerful-natureds and thought of the global financial crises was that worths of oil prostrate rashly from $150 per barrel by mid 2008 to as low as $40 2009. Coincidentally, it was encircling the identical occasion the Nigerian Synod embarked on bank junction notice delay a concept urban on acceptiond excellent disingenuous for all banks liberal in Nigeria. This led to the limitation of the number of banks in the province delayin a sstride of eighteen (18) months from 89 to 24 banks.The notice ended in merger, compensation, junction floating banks and unconditioned cancellation of banking licenses of confused.

This notice is concordant to the indigenization notice of 1972/1977 which assemblageed affaires and sly percentage divide affair for Nigerian citizens. Occasion irrelevant owned and handled banks that could not conclude to expressions delay the new expression bar down and left the province. The junction notice in the banking perseverance no dubitate engenders a fix impression outenlargement in Nigeria. 2. THE NIGERIAN BANKING INDUSTRYThe Nigerian Banking Perseverance is blessed delay three codes of corpoobjurgate Governance – Code of Best Habit on Corpoobjurgate Governance in Nigeria by the Nigerian Securities and Exdiversify Commission; Code of Corpoobjurgate Governance for Banks and other Financial Institutions by the Bankers Committee (2003); and the Code of Corpoobjurgate Governance for Banks in Nigeria Post Junction (2006). There are as-well-mannered codes of Ethics and Professionalism in the Industry. These codes aim at ensuring adapted and cheerful-naturedsive manageance of banks divinely and professionally.

The Banking Perseverance junction notice was affectd by the Nigerian Synod as the immaculate panacea and imunity that can insulate the Nigerian arrangement reckoner the global financial crises and future, the Nigerian financial classify was perceived to be browbeating – generous from the ravaging global financial crises. However, and gively theresucceeding in 2008, delay the slump of oil worth to US $ 40 per barrel, the Nigerian arrangement becomes browbeatingened – the budget contrivanceions becomes fizzling, fiscal allocations to the uncertain tiers of the federation was acquisitionless.There were as-well-mannered rash and compact divestment from the Nigerian supply dispense as the financial crises worsened. Internationally and presenting was substance recalled to address bearings relating to gaping holes in the appertaining neutralize shuffles of financial Institutions. The banks in Nigeria were rest affair the crime end of the adhere as brink presenting became adherey future ending in capacious divulge osidearm that browbeatingened the life of some financial Institutions. 4. FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC (ESTABLISHED IN 1894) 1.

HISTORICAL EVOLUTIONFirst Bank of Nigeria Plc is a first bank in Nigeria, having been recognized in 1894, antecedently the incorporation of Nigeria in 1914. The bank caters a extensive dispose of dispose-of and corpoobjurgate solutions. The bank’s benefits covers an arcollocate of affair causes such as Insurance brokerage, cabinet de diversify, eeappropriate equity/venture excellent, pension funds superintendence, registrarship, dutyeeship, mortgages, excellent dispense operations and microfinance. Some of the benefits and operations are belowtaken through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies family delayin and beyond the province – Nigeria.First Bank is quoted on the Nigerian Supply Exdiversify and has an unlisted Global Depository Receipt (GDR) Programme. The bank’s sidearm is to reocean penny to her call by providing the best financial benefits feasible. This is premised on a anticipation “to be the bright chief and Nigeria’s bank of first choice”.

In pursuance of the bank’s sidearm and anticipation, the bank chose the singular infamy of benefits for Enterprise, benefit superiority, legacy and start as its pillars to animate its chosen strategic priorities for enlargement, execution superintendence, beggarlyalty throng and operational superiority.The bank has operated for 115 years and has interdiplomatic influence through its assistant in FBN Bank (UK) in London and Paris delay offices in Johannesburg and Beijing. The extensive dispose of dispose-of and coopeobjurgate benefits and solutions offered by the bank had enabled it to gather 1. 3 favorite divide plugers resisting diverse reckonries, delay elephantine and cruel – boundary compressiveness to cheerful-naturedsively benefit 4. 2 favorite customers through 536 branches in Nigeria and thus contributing to raceal economic outgrowth. . BUSINESS REVIEW 1.

GENERAL BUSINESS OUTLOOK Inrancor of the vagaries of the global financial and economic down deflect, First Bank during the duration below resurvey, indented up diverse mile stones delay neutralize shuffles that demonstobjurgate sinewy aggregate cheerfuls enlargement delay hypothecation portfolio and warranty disingenuous recording symbolical acceptions. At the identical occasion, excellent equalize exceeded delay the regulatory fitnesss and the bank set target. Floating the affair mile stone concluded by the bank during the duration below resurvey are: ) The arrangements and structuring of a multifold finance of a first important gregarious – eeappropriate firm (PPP) public-way end fabrication contrivance in Nigeria; the LCC Lekki – Epe Express way contrivance. This is a fix impression chaffer that made the bank won the Euro coin contrivance Finance Award of PPP chaffer of the year. ii) The manduration impartn to the bank for the financial restructuring of UACN adaptedty Outenlargement Company. iii) The Cross River Recite Synod of Nigeria financial hortatory Services on the Calabar Gnumber city contrivance and v) The Katstina Recite Synod for hortatory on the implementation of a recite capacious microfinance contrivance etc. The band of crucial heap of appurtenancynal instrument delay singular gived conversance, belowstanding and expertise has paved the way for the bank to temperature the insults of the disclosed deflect down of global affaires.

2. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPOSIBILITY (CSR) First Bank of Nigeria has aggravate the years chosen in corpoobjurgate gregarious function (CSR) as part of its infamy fabric notices by making customary and bulky assistances to the courteous-mannered-mannered substance of grass roots communities and Nigerians.FBN has shown unrelented commitment of CSR temporization of substance gregariously, economically and culturally chargecogent on. The CSR starts throng on outenlargement pre-eminence areas and targeted livelihood for advice, soundness, prosperity, boy outgrowth, entrepreneurial and economic outenlargement as courteous-mannered-mannered as influencecogent environment and wide shelter for economic shiftment. 3. RISK MANAGEMENT DISCLOSURE The philosophy of steering a consistent ship is one of the strategic priorities intentional by FBN to conclude operational superiority for managing enterpsoften abandons in a barbarous global economic case.This sense made FBN took the willing start to shift unveiling habits in abandon superintendence inside interdiplomatic standards flush though the cunning and rule of unveiling is not at give a fitness of the financial regulatory agencies such as Accounting Standards Board (NASB), Accessible Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Nigerian Supply Exdiversify (NSE), the Shelter and Exdiversify Comsidearm (SEC).

The challenges posed for abandon superintendence is accentuated by the gruff liberal environment such as the collision of the acceptiond excellentization razes of the bank, endant influence on brink hypothecations and cause and the competitors.However derancor these challenges, the bank has adopted affaires delay capacious exposures but in low abandon transactions, occasion grattributcogent a constitutiond granular and medley dispose-of portfolio to admit usage of excellent brinks. The important bottle necks to the bank’s drawing for strategic enlargement delay its pursuer collision on the arrangement are the pointed limitation of naira, infrastructural bearings – Gnumber (including treatment), shelter and the Niger Delta crises.Nevertheless, FBN stagnant thronges on elevate opportunities that are disclosed up in infraconstitution financing, eeappropriate hypothecations in the treatment/oil and gas sector and authentic erecite outgrowth. All these are areas of enlargement that FBN is exploiting and consolidating on during the duration below resurvey. 3. FINANCIAL REVIEW 1.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE First Bank of Nigeria as a first going literature in Nigeria banking Perseverance appreciated the pivotal role of cheerful-natured-natured manageance habits. This is conscious by the deficiency to influence its acquisitionability, start standing and commitment to uttering rate to its divide plugers and number communities.Similarly, the bank recognizes the deficiency to be proactive reckoner the classifyic abandons engendered by the collision of the open global economic crises in expressions of macro – economic constitution of the financial benefits sector in Nigeria. In classify to abandon corpoobjurgate manageance failures, the bank took a precautionary measures by confirmation its regulatory standards and produce product to as the challenges associated delay implicit and authentic dangers of classifyic abandons posed disclosedly by each financial literature and the global economic dissolve down. In pursuance of this cunning producework, the bank embarked on floating others: The catechism of the topical manageance codes to conceive ensuring the truthfulness of the Bank’s accounting and financial reporting. • Continued circumspection to pay observe to the best establish cannonade manageance habits required to utter influencecogent rate to its divideholders. • Implementing a new assemblage manageance produceproduct in classify to remake manage and guide the assistant companies.

• Systemic diversifys and re – engineering of the bank’s Board and kindred committees thus transiting them from a consultative assemblage to a judgment – making mass chargecogent on for ensuring the execution and implementation of the assemblage temporization. 2.GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE AND FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS First Bank of Nigeria has the capaciousst number of divide plugers of the companies quoted on the Nigerian Supply diversify, delay a medley ownership constitution and no uncombined divide pluger owning up to 5 % of the banks issued beggarlyplace divides. This imparts the bank a bpublic-way and luscious pool of space for its board and homogeneous committees. In classify to elevate confirm its corpoobjurgate manageance standards and improve paleness and unveiling in its financial reports the bank adopted the Interdiplomatic Financial Reporting Standards (IFR) as informed by Interdiplomatic Accounting Standard Board.This aligns delay the sinewyest global standards of paleness in financial reporting. Flush though IFR is not yet the habit in Nigeria, the preoption by FBN in throng delay the topical Statements of Accounting Standards (SAS) is delay a aspect to enhancing divideholders rate and fetch pretended rates to its affair correlativenesss delay confused aggravateseas compounding banks, multilateral organizations and interdiplomatic investors.

3. OVERVIEW OF FINANCIAL RESULT Source: First Bank 2009 annual reportHighlights of the 2009 – 2010 ends conceive sinewy fundamental wealth enlargement derancor the unamencogent liberal cases, characterized by exalted razes of vaporousness, lowly asset worths and abject liquidity. Unseemly rights for the Assemblage grew 40 % from N155. 7 billion in 2008 to N218. 3 billion in 2009. This compares to 41. 8 % enlargement in unseemly rights concluded by the Bank aggravate the identical duration to N185.

2 billion (2008: N130. 6 billion). All bar one continuity of affair were remunerative in 2009, delay subsidiaries contributing 15. 2 % to the Group’s unseemly rights (2008: 16. %) (Appendix I-V). The Group’s aggregate neutralize shuffle plus auxiliaries liabilities acceptiond by 30. 5 % from N 2.

1 trillion in the 2007/2008 financial year to N 2. 7 trillion in 2009. During the resurvey duration, the Group’s divideholders funds sunk by 4. 1 % to bar at N 337. 4 billion compared to N 351. 9 billion in the antecedent year. The Bank’s aggregate neutralize shuffle plus auxiliaries liabilities acceptiond by 45.

4 % from N 1. 4 trillion in 2008 financial year to N 2 trillion in 2009. In the identical temper, the Bank’s divideholders’ funds grew by 3. % to bar at N 351 billion compared to N 339. 8 billion in the antecedent year (Appendix I-V). 4. STATEMENT OF FINACIAL POSITION ANALYSIS Sinewy Aggregate Goods Growth: Aggregate cheerfuls for the assemblage rose from 31.

5 % aggravate the N 1. 5 trillion commemorative in 2008, livelihooded by symbolical enlargement in hypothecations and advances (LAD). Loans and Advances The Group’s unseemly LAD aspect for end-March 2009 classifyly at N 775. 7 billion, representing an acception of 59. 6 % aggravate the N 486. 1 billion commemorative in the identical duration in 2008. Net hypothecations for the Assemblage rose 57.

9 % to N 752. 2 billion from N 476. billion in 2008. The Bank’s unseemly hypothecations rose 56. 8 % to N 717. 2 billion from N 457. 5 billion in 2008.

The Bank’s net hypothecations rose 55. 3 % to N 695. 9 billion from N 448. 1 billion in 2008. Along affair continuitys, municipals were chargecogent on for 50 % (2008: 67%), whilst consumer and dispose-of accounted for 15 % (2008: 13 %) and 35 % (2008: 20%) appertainingly of the Bank’s hypothecation quantity. The important sectors accounting for this solemn enlargement in the hypothecation portfolio were the oil & gas (21 %), manufacturing (17 %), consumer cheerful-natureds (12 %), dispose-of benefits (11 %) and authentic erecite (10 %).Healthy Warranty Disingenuous The dispense responded in predictcogent way to the acception in disclosed financial and economic doubt aggravate the departed 12 months, delay warrantyors seeking out secured ownns for their funds.

As-well-mannered due to dispense apprehension of the First Bank as one of the sinewyest and most dependcogent banks in Nigeria, the Assemblage enjoys a proportionately low require warranty disingenuous by alluring slight husbandrs whose first motive is the securedty of their funds. Thought this, aggregate Assemblage warranty liabilities rose by 70. 6 % to N 1. 2 trillion (2008: N 700. 2 billion). Liquidity AnalysisThe global financial crises and brink-lending kindred exposures by the banking perseverance continued to own inappropriate cheerful-naturedss on the liquidity and funding abandon continuity of the banking perseverance. The Bank continued throng on amenforce era, is a expedient pre-case for symbolical asset enlargement.

Excellent Equalize The Group’s excellent equalize appurtenancy (CAR) was 24. 3 % (2008: 42. 3 %), symbolically excellent than the regulatory fitness of 10 %, and our interior target of 16 %. The Bank commemorative CAR of 29. 7 % referring-to to 48. 2 % in 2008. The weighty excellent standing, stanch funding and liquidity disingenuous cater key livelihood in challenging occasions.

. INCOME STATEMENT ANALYSIS Unseemly Rights Unseemly rights of the Assemblage rose by 40. 2 % from N 155. 7 billion in 2008 to N 218. 2 billion in 2009. Cause rights which rose by 55. 8 % aggravate the N 100.

7 billion commemorative in 2008 was the most symbolical enlargement item, accounting for 71. 9 % (2008: 64. 7 %) of the aggregate, fees and comsidearm made up of comsidearm and reckoning, financial hortatory as courteous-mannered-mannered as care fees, contributed 15. 5 % (2008: 18. 2 %), pay from trading (predominantly urban pay securities) contributed 8 % (2008: 11. 8 %) whilst other pay contributed 4. 6 % (2008: 5.

3 %).Through the soften in assistance of cause rights to unseemly rights reflects to a capacious quantity the flying faith enlargement, it as-well-mannered captures the disclosed retrogradation in economic and excellent dispense activities. For the Group, cause from hypothecations and advances contributed 71. 9 % to aggregate cause rights, whilst other bank origins such as arrival and topical banks, cause and warranty delay banks beyond Nigeria, Treasury bills and comsidearm on handled funds accounted for the neutralize. The bank’s awful force and dependcogent benefits own cheered it in the barbarous global economic cases.And this has engendered an mean of 31. 5 %.

However acquisition has sunk by 65. 7 % aggravate the 3 years duration of 2008 – 2010 below resurvey. Net Cause Pay In 2009, net cause pay for the Assemblage rose 47. 6% occasion the net cause brink narrowed to 8. 5% from 10. 1% in 2008. Sinewy year-on –year enlargement in net cause pay was commemorative resisting all affair continuitys, delay Dispose-of and Corpoobjurgate Banking cause pay, at N90.

2 billion (2008: N61. 7 billion). , up 46. 3% representing 88. 5% of aggregate net cause pay for the Group.Growth in Retain and Corpoobjurgate banking taken symbolical annotation of the hypothecation quantity in the duration below resurvey. Cannonade and excellent dispenses, Asset Superintendence and Mortgage Banking commemorative 43.

2%, 208. 8% and 73. 3% enlargement appertainingly aggravate the antecedent year. This represents 7. 7%, 2% and 0. 8% appertainingly Assemblage net cause pay. The deccontinuity in the Group’s net cause brink was animaten predominantly by the 73.

9% soften in inerest absorb in 2009, to N54. 9 billion (2008: N31. 6 billion). The soften in cause absorb aggravate the duration below resurvey reflects the forthcoming: • The solemn 70. % enlargement in the tome of warrantys • Heightened two-of-a-trade for divide of customers’ wallets appropriately in the fourth territory of 2008, which led to a symbolical hike in warranty objurgates resisting the perseverance, appropriately for acreckon warrantys. • Expectation of the implementation of the beggarly year end cunning. • Heightened reckonerparty abandon which led to acceptiond inter-bank funding requires as banks became averse to present to each other in the evoke of the global and private liquidity grip.

• Protection of funds became an aggravateriding literature as the liberal environment got tougher for banks in the evoke of the global financial crisis.Thus, we took a judgment to plug abundantly excellent neutralizes delay the CBN – albeit at low yields. The bank has traditionally sought to allure inferior require call-for and savings warrantys in classify to guard its funding require as low as feasible and has attempted to minimize its dependence on excellent require occasion warrantys as a symbolical origin of funding. In the latest financial year, thought penetrating two-of-a-trade for warrantys delayin the perseverance, occasion warrantys, representing 27. 7% of aggregate warranty liabilities, were chargecogent on for 46. 6% of cause absorb-underscoring the aforementioined excellent require of funding.Non-Interest Pay Non-cause pay, victorious of fees and comsidearm pay, pay on traded securities, predominantly urban pay, as courteous-mannered-mannered as other pay, grew a mosdest 11.

5% and contributed 28. 1% to aggregate unseemly rights in 2009 (2008: 35. 3%). Theis execution easily reflects the disclosedly sinferior strideof apparition in the arrangement. Fees and ministrys grew by 19. 5% in the resurvey duration occasion net pay on securities traded, succeeding providing for limitation in rate of equity cannonade, sunk by 19. 3%.

Pay of traded securities amounted to N17. 5 billion as at March 2009 (2008: N18. billion). 92. 7% of this was extraneous make cause on federal and grade synod bonds occasion the neutralize of N1. 3 billion was gained through dispensation of divides (2008: N1. 9billion).

Other pay, chargecogent on for 4. 6% of unseemly rights, was 20. 6% excellent, animaten by sinewy enlargement in irrelevant exdiversify pay (209. 8%), lease pay (73. 5%), as courteous-mannered-mannered as vindication of N2 billion in hypothecations antecedently written off. Liberal Expenses The Group’s require-to-pay appurtenancy rose to 66. 8% (2008: 63.

7%). This was animaten by a 30% soften in liberal absorbs from N68 billion in 2008 to N88. 4 billion in 2009.Staff requires stayed the important constituent, at 51. 85, delay year on year enlargement of 37%, thought a diversify in the mix of leadership reckon in selected client confrontment and other strategic areas resisting the Group, as courteous-mannered-mannered as cheered influenced on wage requires as the two-of-a-trade for aptitude stayed penetrating. Administrative disclosed absorbs rose 29%, and constituted 36. 8% of aggravateall requires, thought a excellent inflation environment.

6. CUSTORMERS CONFIDENCE IN FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA The banking affair is animaten and cheered by the dependence users own in the people and literatures that cater the benefit.The peremptorily of this correlativeness for customer’s dependence is anchored on influencecogent duty and truthfulness. This is as-well-mannered accessible to the making of a prosperityful bank and banking classify. It is this affect that makes the First Bank triumph in their financial intermediation benefits. By force of the truth of banking benefits and the singular standing of FBN in the banking classify in Nigeria and its pivotal role in feature and disclosed cause in the Nigerian arrangement and the global dispense, FBN has been cogent to encapacious a awful compressiveness for dependence fabric delay stakeholders.This is manifested in the crew of factors such as adapted and cheerful-naturedsive affair and financial execution, unassailcogent exalted raze of professionalism, divine habit of banking which has unfolded and confirms its affaires built on influencecogent rule of best habits and classify.

7. PERFORMANCE RANKING Consequent to the antecedent, the Economic Intelligence part of the affair globe store reputed on its eeappropriate gregariousation, on the Nigeria’s one hundred (100) capaciousst companies 2010, the follattributcogent statistical axioms on ranking on FBN:FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC PERFORMANCE RANKING IN THE BANKING SECTOR AND AMONG 100 COMPANIES IN NIGERIA | | | |Ranking Floating | | |Factors |Performance Indices |Banking Perseverance |Largest 100 Companies | |1. |By Goods |2172. 35 (N billion) |1st |1st | |2. By Wealth |196. 41 (N billion) |4th |5th | |3. |By Acquisition |3.

19 (N billion) |4th |18th | |4. |By Shareholder’s Funds |309. 56 (N billion) |2nd |2nd | |5. |By Dispense Capitalization |349. 8 (N billion) |1st |2nd | |6. |By Number of Employees |8757 |1st |3rd | Source: Adapted from the Affair Globe – A Eappropriate Publication, 2010 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION First Bank of Nigeria during the duration below resurvey has been cogent to oceantain its throng on expanding the one – plug financial benefits superdispense concept and a shiftmentive interdiplomaticization temporization and launching of new affaires.This has caterd the sinewy restation that gived the bank’s force to delaystand the global economic and financial insult.

The bank’s liquidities and abandon superintendence strategies has engendered weighty excellent standing, stanch funding and liquidity disingenuous for providing key livelihood in challenging occasions. Similarly bank abandons superintendence produce product cunning and temporization had enabled it to insert a neutralize between providing serviceserviceable knowledge that improves paleness and function to save customer’s cause.In quittance, the unalloyed commitments of the Bank to cheered best habits cheerful-natured-natured corpoobjurgate manageance and professionalism, using due rule, paleness, accountability, obedience delay laws, rules, regulations and financial benefits guidelines had bulkyly improved the solemn affair and financial execution of the bank and thus eliminated the crises-precipitating factors that are capcogent of destroying or eroding the duty and dependence of the stakeholders in the bank therefore the bank has been cogent to excel in its affair and financial execution during the duration below resurvey.

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