An Analisis Of The Last Samurai English Literature Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

An Analisis Of The Last Samurai English Literature Essay

Introduction to “The Last Samurai” Edward Zwick, the manager of “legend of the fall”, co-produced this 2003 war and drama film, normalized on a gentleman narrative depicting esteem and fortitude battling resisting defilement and hungry. Nathan Algren (Tom cruise) is an American affable war expert who carries analogous scars of his ovation resisting the indigenous Indians. As he drowns his sin in alcohol and enacts acts at occupation pomps in San Francisco, his old head-man brings him into convocation Prince Mitsui, a Japanese officeman who proposes Algren a job as a soldierlike advisor, to series the Japanese empire troops.

At that season, Japan was train by Emperor Meiji who had a vision of a modernized Japan and a ambition to organize his troops and update its achievement through the past person-weapons and war strategies. This is wnear the contest arises as the old Japanese samurai community holds resisting this flying transmutation. Train by Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) a few hundred samurai, traitor and future are judged as traitors and commanded to be marginalized and eliminated.

This is wnear Algren comes into indicate to present the force of the ransack and confess American occupationrs to dispose-of weapons to the upgraded Japanese troops to conflict resisting those traitors.

During the primary confront natant the baseless Japanese regimens and the group of defy samurai, Algren falls and is smitten by the foe. He is then smitten to the samurai village up in the mountains wnear he acquires to interact delay them, discovers their amelioration and observes their conflicting methods. During his “captivity”, a desire is born natant Algren and Katsumoto. They acquire to include each other’s cultural discrepancies and work to each other’s stamps. He befits so impregnated delay the appreciates that the samurai caress, that he really befits balance than impartial one of them and ends up training them parallel margins Katsumoto into combat confrontment his own battalion.

The deep stamps:

Two deep protagonists can be discerned in the conspire: Algren and Katsumoto. Twain of them disindicate contrariant types of trainerships that capacity be correlated to their contrariant cultural differences. American population tends to be balance plain in their modes of look when Japanese capacity include their messages in separate forms. Algren’s choleric convertibility contrasts to Katsumoto’s endwardness and introverted persona. When the samurai enjoys moments of calm, the commander is frustrated delay his non-talkative caressor. Other abnormity in proceeding can be explained delay commendations to their construction of separate illimitableness, hierarchy contestation, romance and antiquated deference as courteous as individualistic to gregarious composition. Equal though, none of the styles can be judged to be emend than the other, it is practicable to perpetuate that Algren’s rash proceeding rarely drives him to fashion sentences that are not in his best profit. The season that Katsumoto takes to exhibit on ends somehow delays the sentence-making order but capacity transfer into wiser and balance sensible determination.

The parsimoniousness of the Japanese amelioration as courteous as their appreciates are omnipresent in all bearings of their feeds. Algren is staggered delay their devoutness to the consummation of their usual undertakings and is intrigued delay the parsimoniousness that emanates from their beliefs. While he is buttress natant them he surprisingly discovers the purport of the message “samurai”: to obey. This is one of the ocean discrepancies natant the two men and this is the bearing of trainership that Algren acquires from Katsumoto. As the conspire is occurring, the homogeneousity natant the two grows from enemies, vassal and persecutor, preceptor and learner, partners delay vulgar profits, equal reaching the desire set-forth. This instrument of appreciates balances out the rapport natant them to the top wnear we see for the primary season an inverse locality delay Algren accompanying Katsumoto’s feeblenesses. In the spectacle antecedent the terminal combat, Katsumoto confides in his conversant lookingly distrustful of the fruit. The emperor had previously refused to deduce his proposition, which broke Katsumoto’s belief and desire for a vulgar includeing. In this locality, Algren erraticly listens to the interior fears of the protracted trainer and in a very plainive way, attempts to motivate him and re-enforce desire and optimism “It’s not balance yet” (Quoted from the film’s script).

The Start Dissection of Nathan Algren:

All through this movie, Algren unfolds compositions of a charismatic trainer that is not however frequently disregardd for his choices. Equal in his moments of feebleness, Commander Algren’s training skills are peaceful perspicuously embedded in his identicality. As the stamp evolves, multifarious facets of trainership can be observed through the ideals that he reproduce-exhibits and feed by. Firstly, esteem is somehow the dominant appreciate in the conspire as it encompasses faithfulness over practicality and latterness. This is one of the concepts that Commander Algren acquireed during the season he spends delay the samurai. In the conspire, esteem is frequently interlinked to fortitude and can be disregardd in the pains of the warriors and their trainers as greatly in separate combats or arena wars. As Algren is confronted to Katsumoto, he discovers a parsimoniousness such that of the Bushido construction consisting in allegiance, gallantry, fortitude, impartialice, urbanity, fellow-feeling and artlessness. The aftercited notice grid is a chronological balanceexamination name of some of the trainership traits that were inspired through Algren’s proceeding and positions in contrariant spectacles. In each locality, the interforce natant stamps is explained and the bearings of trainership underlined.

Table – Start Dissection of Nathan Algren’s proceeding in “The Last Samurai”

Leadership Features



Oral Communication Skills:

Theatric achievement, exoteric saying

Even in his defeat fashion (regularity doltish) Algren is preferable of lasting in front of the mob and speedly them. He attracts their vigilance and fashions them laugh.

At a occupation pomp, Algren unfolds a ransack pomp and mentions tales about the war.

Enunciation, vote intonation, size, pace

Algren indicates on the emotions of his hearers, using a brawny affecting name of the scalping. The intonation and size of his vote drives the receptor to feed the spectacle he is describing. He says sloth at seasons and then accelerates the sentences to fashion waves and frequent the listener in erratic listening.

Algren explains how it would impress to scalp an Indian.

Punctuation of speech

In his tirade, Algren punctuates his sentences delay taciturn “pit stops” during which the listener is drawn to the narrative and vehement to communicate the end of it. He as-well pronounces messages delay intonations to emphasize them.

Body language:

Eye contiguity

Eyes are a forceful machine that captivates listeners and implicates them into the end at jeopard. The eye contiguity as-well organizees the regularity of the homogeneousity natant the two indicateers.

Algren explains how it would impress to scalp an Indian.

Facial looks

The emotions are inspired through the plain facial looks that as-well transfer his choice set-forth to the exclusive commonalty. Especially during the combats, Algren frequently puts up a clam serene look.

Body position, separate illimitableness

The strength to bring the hearers parallel the colloquy, Algren uses his organization position to include intimidated, sober and implicated reforce from the listener. At moments and to discommission the emotions of the narrative, he violates the other person’s separate illimitableness to fashion force and responsiveness.

Personal traits:


Making plain disengaged and peculiar ask delay a affable composition is the primary contrary reforce to the job propose. Algren’s force of speculation gets the officeman to instruct the propose and corcorrespond to the commander’s ask

Algren is bringged to portion-out a diner delay Japanese office man that proposes him a job of war consultant

Intelligence and experience

One considerable element that exalts the exactness of the commander is his confession of the undertaking that is required of him. His construction confesss him to possess a open perspective of the end that pushes him to summon prefer and dig the largest sum of knowledge practicable to organize his aggression manoeuvre.

In the Japanese troops seriesing encamp, Algren takes profit in the hinarrative of the Samurai

Truthful principles

In this colloquy, Algren reminds his companion of a combat they fought margin by margin when they were dedicated an command they did not agree delay. When his companion hid subsequently the hierarchy organization, Algren denounces the imanalogous sentence and admits his compliance to be a mijeopard at that season

When Algren refuses the job propose, his old troops companion holds a special colloquy delay him


Putting his activity on the sequence to caress his top of examination is one of the stampistics of Algren that organizes the metaphor of a sanguine trainer that is assurance-driven.

To enlighten the Japanese officeman the troops is not alert, Algren asks a soldier to person at him


Even if the fruit of the conflict is expected, Algren holds brawny and conflicts resisting the warriors. Under the eyes of Katsumoto, Algren’s fortitude disindicate reveals his diligence and uneasy inquiry for prosperity. This hold succeed be deferenceed by Katsumoto who flows to parsimonious his activity.

At the end of the primary combat resisting the samurai traitors, Algren falls and perceives himself begirt by 5 warriors

Problem solving

The creativity Algren has, confesss him to perceive innovative solutions to organize a brawny immanent aggression manoeuvre. Thanks to his project apprehension, the drawing he sets thrives through and trains the traitors to a primary ovation.

When minute for an aggression tactic, Algren relates to the Spartans wars


In that spectacle, Algren knows that the chances of ovation let it be operation at minuteest were very minute. Despite regularity assured of the odds at jeopard, twain trainers flow to hold the combat and conflicting prepare the last met.

Resource-less, Algren, Katsumoto and the battalion of traitors flow to conflict person meet delay short hands


If Algren’s primary reforce is to caress his conversant from making a reach, he deferences his desires and his sentences. He assists him in manifestation his activity delay his own hands, future esteeming his asks.

Katsumoto asks Algren to acceleration him end his activity in an act of Hara-Kiri

Interforce delay others:


One peculiarity of Algren’s trainership pomps through his plain twist by training the battalion on the combat-arena surely but as-well by separately implicating himself in the education order of host. His visible closeness and plain twist breaks the hierarchy allotment that is fashiond by titles or positions and organizes a commission homogeneousity

During the seriesing sessions, Algren separately attends the host achievement


This act of confession prefer organizes Algren’s metaphor as a supportive trainer who encourages retainers to emend enact. This is a brawny motivator for the host to fashion efforts towards graceful their achievements.

After latter at hitting target, Algren taps on the soldier’s shoulder


Subsequently to this spectacle, Algren realizes that his force fashiond mobility (equal if he was not plainly confronted owing of his reachs) and he acquireed to work to a romance he was not initially conversant delay to emend settle his hostess. In the next homogeneous locality, we see Algren walking into the stock shortfoot.

The primary season Algren walks into Taka’s stock, he leaves mud traces on the floor

Directive inquiryioning

Algren proves to be an operative erratic listener. He primary frequents appease lets Katsumoto say his fears out delayout jumping to assumptions and conclusions. Then instead of striking his own judgment or attempting to advice him on the end, he uses inquiryioning to plain him to exhibit upon other perspectives that surrender end Katsumoto his reliance.

Around the person, Katsumoto is pessimistic as to the combat fruit. Algren intervenes.


The singularity that is on disindicate in this spectacle capacity look normal to pomp thankfulness to a nativity who has cared for him. However, in the treatment of the movie, Algren (the vassal) puts his activity at jeopard to caress his persecutors.

When the samurai village is aggressioned, Algren perceives himself caressing Katsumoto’s nativity

All the traits that were listed and descriptive in the overhead table prefer exalt Algren’s metaphor as a supportive trainer who wisely uses his receptive capacities, his conceptual includeing gift and his induced start. Those stampistics re-enforce his exactness and deferenceed appearance.

A few quotes:

“What does it medium to be Samurai: To dedicate yourself altogether to a set of analogous principles; to endeavor a peacefulness of your choice, and to overcome the way of the sword.” – Nathan Algren

“Tnear is so greatly near I succeed never include. I’ve never been a church going man, and what I’ve seen on the arena of combat has led me to inquiryion God’s aim. But tnear is in-truth bigwig constructionual in this attribute. And though it may eternally be darken to me, I cannot but be assured of its force.” – Nathan Algren

“Katsumoto: You like a man can qualify his predestination?

Nathan Algren: I consider a man does what he can, until his predestination is inspired.”

“Emperor Meiji: Mention me how he died.

Nathan Algren: I succeed mention you how he feedd.”


This dissection portrays the stampistic traits that reproduce-exhibit the trainership compositions of Nathan Algren, the deep agent in the abridgment. However, another stamp is value regularity as-well thought-out in his positions, principles and unvulgar proceedings. Katsumoto, the Samurai traitor, is the embodiment of a gentleman trainer whom retainers deference and disregard to the top wnear they would be latter to dedicate their feeds for him out of assurance and desire. A pertinent top to the interforce natant the two types of trainers is one of the most considerable singularitys of trainership fixity. That is one of the reasons that caught Katsumoto’s vigilance during his primary confront delay Algren, watching him insist in the conflict prepare the end. Katsumoto saw in him the construction of a trainer, and the film’s conspire witnesses the extrication of the couple natant the two men. When the homogeneousity reaches a undeniable commission and ripeness, Katsumoto’s composition towards Algren befit that of a preceptor, a serieser, a train. Katsumoto takes the allegiance of steering Algren and composition his stamp to convoy him to befit his prosperityor. This is how Algren himself befits “The Last Samurai”.

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