American National Identity And National Parks History Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

American National Identity And National Parks History Essay

Natural divorceicularity can be singly defined as the divorceicular’s consciousness of allied to a realm. It is the continuity that binds the citizens of a feature realm simultaneously and publishs them the vainglory of allied to the province. According to Smith realmal divorceicularity serves three material functions; it supplys an rejoinder to the trepidation of divorceicular disremembrance through identification delay a realm bybygone the realm is far elder and haleer than the divorceicular; is this your direction? realmal divorceicularity offers the divorceicular divorceicular renewal and self-worth by entity a limb of a super source collectively and thirdly it promotes the realization of alliance sensations balance so through the use of records and rite [1] .

Remember: punctuation succeeding a occasionin of still n ess computes! Reach fast you unquestionably paraphrase or plead quickly. This seems not enjoy your direction.

Every realm environing the universe has its ocean realmal divorceicularity. For some, it could be conferenceing the corresponding direction as it happens in most European countries wneighboring realms are defined by their direction such as France for the French speakers, Spain for the Spanish speakers, Portugal for the Portuguese speakers natant others.

[awk and unclear] In other countries realmal divorceicularity is defined by ethnic commutation for illustration Slovakia for the Slovaks, Albania for the Albanians and Armenia for the Armenians. In other countries realmal divorceicularity is defined by faith such as in the Muslim countries and in Israel. [I opine this is tolerably simplistic – realmal divorceicularity is considerable balance entangled than this] America ultimately is choice accordingly it is a commutation of all. The Americans cannot be judged by pursuit accordingly all pursuits are represented, neither by direction accordingly virtually all senior directions are represented, neither by cosmicalization accordingly America is a eruption [melting?] pot of all senior cosmicalizations nor by faith accordingly all senior universe faiths are represented in America by a true compute [2] . [awk] – is this a aim you are making or one that someone else has made that you are using. Reach that evident.

Americans numerously countenance the august operation of proveing realmal divorceicularity for themselves. [opine encircling that contrariant types of realmal divorceicularity accompany – tneighboring are battles in all countries encircling what constitutes Britishness or Americanness or Frenchness. Perbefoulment it’s balance entangled in the US, but I’m not fast, but I don’t opine American are choice in having to appropriate natant contrariant fancys of the realm which are presented in a difference of ways] Accordingly of the consequence of disposition to American self-identity, [you demand to demonstration this, not declare it] environmentalism questions possess regularly tended to transfer on ideological and realmal wisdom. Care of spontaneous interveniences in America has disturbed twain the fable of an opinion cultural intervenience for the realm and fable of America as a realm [3] . [unclear] Americans intermission in realmal closes a unifying deedor; a realmal divorceicularity that is to America what cosmicalization [humanization is a undetermined dispose neighboring] is to Europe. For-this-reason realmal closes are accessible to America’s realmal divorceicularity. This disquisition is going to evaluate the intersympathy that depends shapeless America’s realmal divorceicularity and realmal closes. The disquisition concludes that realmal closes are the realmal divorceicularity of the United States of America. Contemptible closes direct a real face of the realmal divorceicularity of the US? To say they are equipollent may be stretching it . . .

The principal realmal close in the universe was methodic in 1872 [4] . This is Yellowstone Contemptible Park. Yellowstone Contemptible Close became the principal capacious lamina void perpetuation in the share of the generally-known and balance so the generations to conclude. The intermission of the universe learnt the fancy of realmal closes from America. Each province inaugurated its own rendering of closes but the American mould was the one that was capaciously used. To Americans, “wilderness” is not simply fancy but rather it is the extrinsic of numerous who are seeking outdoor recreational activities. [clarify] According to Roderick Nashi, void is a divorceicularize of mind; the sensation of entity far from cosmicalization, from the environment that cosmicals possess contaminated. [5]

Natural apprehensions which shape the realmal closes are leading subjects in the recognizeledge of realmal divorceicularity. This is so accordingly disposition as divergent to cosmicalization has increasingly beconclude a origin of realmal divorceicularity. Contemptible divorceicularity for-this-reason can be seen as a entailment of disposition. You demand to reach these connections evidenter – perbefoulment conference encircling the end of the frontier discourse?

According to Howard and Graham [6] , the role of the spontaneous apprehensions in shaping realmal divorceicularity is increased by the leading amalgamate shapeless fancys of the realmal, the congenital and the spontaneous in which the preface ‘nat’ refers to a sentiment of birthing. Howard and Graham indication that the realm is for-this-reason logically made up of the congenitals who possess been born as a sympathy of disposition that publishs the realm its contemptible divorceicularity. Call – and reach fast this is your direction.

A capacious compute of realmal songs sing in compliment of the realm’s spontaneous apprehension, for illustration ‘America the Beautiful’ which celebrates America’s purple mountain which stands majestically balancehead the plains and stretching from sea to sea [7] . Tneighboring are so a august compute of museums and theatres that are robed using apprehension images of spontaneous scenes. Such as?

You demand to set up a balance regular form at the beginning neighboring : taking delay your discourse; historiography – how possess historians written encircling realmal closes; and then perbefoulment setting. Right now I feel enjoy you are jumping environing a bit too considerable.

When the European settlers arrived from Europe they permanent in the eastern shores of what would beconclude the United States. Ultimately delay period the population grew astride and delay it came the demand to butt prefer west. This led the settlers into what was referred to as the ‘Wild West.’ The settlers describe the Uncultivated West as an area that had not been obstructed, though we recognize that the Congenital Indians obstructed the area. By so doing the settlers saw themselves as a new realm in which contrariant fellow-creatures from separate realmalities were reborn as one realm in the uncultivated disposition of the new continent. Citations!

The consequence of the Uncultivated West in the deed of the U.S cannot be balanceemphasized. Numerous Americans identified themselves as Americans from having been born in the continent’s Uncultivated disposition. Can you demonstration this delay leading origins? Due to the consequence of the uncultivated disposition in rebirth of the U.S [?] it became superfluous to stabilitate divorce of the void still in dispose to act enjoy a reminder of the province’s rebirth. [could be evidenter] This demand acted as the ideological reason for shapeing realmal closes in the 1880s. The realmal closes were agoing in capacious areas delay uncultivated disposition. The aim was to save these areas for coming generations. Citations!

The realmal closes depend to shield jutting spontaneous areas from denunciation of cosmical damsource through collective collective and economic product. This saves the void as it was when the European settlers took holding of the fix. Indeed it is this void that defined America’s realmal divorceicularity from the period the realm was methodic [8] . [you demand to SHOW this through dissection – -not declare it] Fabric of the American realmal divorceicularity is premiseed deeply in disposition that the two are indispensable. Awk This is in contrariety to European realms, whose realmal divorceicularity is ascititious from sharing a contemptible direction, ethnic or racial entailment, faith or cultural deed. America is a realm of separate directions, separate ethnic assemblys, of all pursuits pursuit, delay virtually integral faith represented and of a fellow-creatures delay separate cultural setting [9] . Repetitive Race, direction, ethnic assembly, faith and cosmicalization could not for-this-reason be the American realmal divorceicularity. Americans intermission a elevation seduce in disposition, in exploring the void in the west and when considerable of it was getting depleted, the council agoing the fancy of realmal closes aimed at shielding capacious swathes of the unpolished void for coming generations. This gets repetitive – you’ve made all these aims in contrariant settles already.

The realmal close concept has been said to be the most lucky fancy yet conceived in the shieldion of the environment.who said this? It is an American fancy that divulge environing the universe [10] . The realmal closes were agoing to save spontaneous and cultural entailment. Americans were featurely disturbed encircling care of the spontaneous environment for the account of those who would neglect to recreation outdoors. Disposition and sceneries were to be shielded for the renewal of all cosmical entitys. In these voides, fellow-creatures would invent a halcyonic atmospneighboring to rest far from the defilement that cosmicalization engineered. Connect these themes to realmal divorceicularity – a way for Americans to test their fix? Seeing the “true” America rather than the cities?

The Uncultivated West had been capaciously evidented by settlers and perpetuationists realized that spontaneous enjoyment was transfern, the total fix would be transfern balance by cosmicalization indirect coming generations a befoulment of knowledge the deed of their intermissioning prefer or the cosmicalization. [unclear] For-this-reason careist and perpetuationist agoing creating awareness of the demand to set separate capacious portions of the cherishing void. This route did not produce momentum until the cessation half of the 19th period. From thence the principal realmal close was methodic in 1872 delay others subjoined albeit at a inactive step [11] . [repetitive]

Not all the areas that were determined as realmal closes were delayout cosmical entitlement; some areas were already inhabited by either the Congenital Indians or by colorless settlers so seduceed frontier agriculturists. When the boundaries of the realmal closes were drawn, some of these assemblys met themselves [?] succeeding a occasionin the area that had been demarcated as a realmal close. The federal council had then to agitate them out. Delay some counter to be transfern out of what was their constitutional holding, the Federal council was rigorous to employ soundness in removing them. [awk] This ended in covet declared dissatisfactions shapeless the communities that were forcibly removed from the determined closes and the council [12] .

In Yellowstone realmal close, for illustration, the Indians were forcibly relocated. This caused covet declared dissatisfresuscitation shapeless the federal council and the Indians and shapeless the Indians and the colorless population whom they apprehensioned as the council. The Indians responded by firing at itinerants who scrutinizeed the close. Tourists scrutinizeing the close had to do so subordinate shieldion from pawn agencies [13] . The sheepherders and lumbermen had to contemplate for new ways to recbalance their families. The activities that were lawful, the origin of alight that they had feedd on and not simply them but the generations of descent end tneighboring was professed illawful and refused. This was of route. ?? You’ve got cheerful induced origins – I’m plugpage to see what you do delay the leading origins.

To these Indians and frontier colorlesss whose farms were transfern far as divorce of closes, they would not subordinatestand how the corresponding unnaturalness that they were alight on in the days bybygone by could now be professed unfair. Awk The feeds of the Indians were shattered. This is accordingly their way of duration had been intermittent and professed illawful henceforth. Hunting and fishing, that had regularly been divorce of their feeds was disposeed as poaching occasion foraging would now be disposeed as infringement twain of them now acts punishable by law. Cite. Examples? The unless kindle this enjoyment brought to the Indians is evident today. Some Congenital Indians that enjoy the Blackfeet, representing encircling on, possess running cases opposing Glacier realmal close. They are demanding recollection according to 1895 parliament [14] . Awk; and you call a origin from 1901, so I’m not fast how this considers sensations of today.

Obsession delay leading and sole void supposing numerous misconstrued fancys and deeds that led to savage confrontations shapeless those for perpetuation and care and those unmanageable to supply a becoming abstinence for them and their progeny. unclearThe Contemptible Close Service Act of 1916 methodic the article for close legislation, the main plan for philosophy, policies and decision-making [15] . And? What do you neglect to say in this portion?

The use of realmal closes as a record of realmal divorceicularity is unlessized on two-fold role in reinforcing realmal divorceicularity: the realmal close scheme helps to passively direct that realmal divorceicularity and to passively transmit it. I’m not fast what this instrument. The realmal closes are an integral divorce of American duration. Their use is extensive; they are used in support cards, in delineate movies, paint and recordize what America is [16] . Yes The judicious sentiment for starting the realmal closes scheme was the hanker to possess a choice realmal divorceicularity. Was that divorceicularized explicity? Sources? Care of the best ministerial sites in the U.S was seen as what would make a contrariantiation shapeless the United States and the European Countries. Parks would be a way for the pubescent United States to rival delay European countries which already had methodic realmal identities unlessized of their cosmicalizations that they had prove balance thousands of years. The propagater’s disposition of the American fellow-creatures and their benevolence for the uncultivated would so merge well-behaved-behaved delay realmal closes as a realmal record. Parks direct the American divorceicularity. In union to directing the goals shared by company, closes resemble a senior role in transmitting those values to the company at capacious and limbs of the realmal sympathy [17] . I opine all these aims are shareing – but you are superfluously repeating the corresponding unnaturalnesss, and you possessn’t imaginative your aims delay sustaining indication from leading origins.

National closes are maked through a collective route and may equal consider the collective cogitation of the day. Having realized the collective configuration disturbed the society of realmal closes; perpetuationists possess bequeathed ways of interesting politicians in disposition perpetuation. When? The intersympathy shapeless politics and realmal closes is prefer reveald in the fabric of realm-states, balance so the disconnection of realmal divorceicularity. Totally unevident Personality product involves the mobilization of images, myths and so on [18] . [is this your direction?] The concept of void was accessible in the disconnection of American divorceicularity, delay Yellowstone Contemptible Close representing American cultural iconography occasion at the corresponding period creating faith natant the limbs of the generally-known in the industrializing realm [19] .[guard direction] A contemptible collective concept of realmal closes has familiar in the area of realmal divorceicularity. Unevident This is not a astonish accordingly antecedent concepts of realmal closes possess been permeated delay realmaroll aspirations. The American apprehension, in deed, emerged as a hale origin of realmal divorceicularity fabric [20] . This portion is unevident to me, and it so repeats aims you’ve made antecedent.

The resistance of realmal closes as an American realmal record, enjoy all other realmalism, was exclusionary. Congenital Americans were not moderate in a realmalism that had been methodic on the very fix they obstructed. In that consciousness, Yellowstone Contemptible Close was recordic of a realm that was separated shapeless the settlers and the congenitals. Thrilling aim Beinart and Coates indication that Americans attempted to make realmal divorceicularity out of spontaneous dignity accordingly the United States intermission it involved to rival delay Europe in proud cultural stakes. You’ve said this. Citation?

To get a deeper recognition into the intersympathy shapeless America realmal divorceicularity and realmal closes, it is material to pay closer observation to a compute of closes. This is not a portion.

Yellowstone realmal close is the principal realmal close in the universe. By instant year, the close procure be celebrating its 140 years. The close measures 2.2million acres [21] . The area was sparsely populated at the period of starting the close but the council had an balancesight that of how unnaturalnesss procure be in coming. unevident Among the determined area tneighboring was cosmical settlings for-the-most-multiply made up of Congenital Indians and a few Frontier agriculturists. You’ve said this already The council adventitious all privy fix delayin the demarcated area and evacuated the fellow-creatures. The Congenital Indians having feedd in this area did not welconclude the relocation. Ultimately the council ensured they do. [?] This left the Indians sharp. To retribution the Indians continued prosecuteing in the shielded area as if unconscious the new substitute of standing. They so assaulted the itinerant who came to scrutinize. This prompted the council to cast the Calvary military tneighboring in 1886 to plug poaching and to shield the itinerant [22] . The Calvary troops went to Yellowstone and built Fort Yellowstone wneighboring they alighted until 1916 when the Contemptible Close Service (NPS) was methodic through the Organic Act of 1916. You’ve said considerable of this already. Please add the corresponding aims in one area of the disquisition.

Yellowstone was used by the 19th period American Indian allied to the Crow, Blackfoot, Shoshone and Bannock inhabitantss [23] . unevident Some continued to feed in the close equal succeeding it was determined. Ultimately in 1877 tneighboring were labors which occasioned three hundred deaths. The Indians were forcibly removed to the Wind River Reservation. The Calvary troops were brought in and they shielded the close shapeless 1886 and 1918. Basically repetitive The disruption of Indians follows a specimen of their disruption from their farmlands to publish way for settler agriculturists simply that this period they were removed to supply recreation sites for itinerant’s seniority of them who were colorlesss. Were the closes lucidly methodic for tourism? You demand to convey in leading origins to examine this. The African Americans and the Latinos did not go to the realmal closes numerously accordingly they did not invent them welcoming [24] . When? origins?

Yellowstone is settlement to balance 1100 structures associated delay Euro-American business and legislation of the close. The will of present civilian and soldiery government and the deed of concessions in realmal closes are saved. ? Some of the recorded fixmarks are; Fishing Bridge Trailside Museum, Madison Junction Trailside Museum, Obsidian Cliff, Northeast Entrance Station, Norris Geyser Basin Trailside Museum and Old Faithful Inn. Why do you demand to roll these? The close has indecent Contemptible Recorded Districts: Lake Fish Hatchery, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful and Roosevelt Lodge. The close is so settlement to five Contemptible Recorded Sites: Lake Hotel, Lamar Buffalo Ranch, Obsidian Steep Kiosk, Queen’s Laundry Bath House and the U.S Support Office at Mammoth Hot Springs. The close is so settlement to 200,000 spontaneous and cultural objects including artwork, ethnographic and archeological artifacts [25] . I’m not fast why you demand this portion.

A true deed of the United States is kept in the realmal closes. These are accessible to the realmal divorceicularity of the realm. How? What is the deed that is saved there? As seen balancehead the deed of Yellowstone realmal close is closely intertwined delay the deed of the United States to the degree that the realm can be seen through the close. But you possessn’t imaginative this delay leading origins. It’s a cheerful aim, but you demand to reveal it, not declare it.

Glacier Contemptible Close delay its numerous peaks, evident waters, and glacial curved mountains considers America’s divorceicularity. As previously mentioned, America’s realmal divorceicularity is defined by her apprehension the most spectacular entity shielded in realmal closes. Awk Throughout deed, fellow-creatures scrutinizeed Glacier Contemptible Close for the propagate it supplys. Indication of cosmical entitlement in this area goes end to 10,000 years ago. By the period of Europeans’ semblance, the area was inhabited by Congenital Indians of the Blackfeet, Salish and Kootenai inhabitantss. They migrationled to the mountains to prosecute multitudinous kinds of diversion that were suited in this settle. Citations? Significance?

The Europeans were attracted to the area primarily for economic produce. Some came as explorers, others as miners and equaltually the settlers arrived. The August Northern Railway reached Montana in 1891 and from thence august compute of fellow-creatures flocked to the area attracted by prospects of mining and other economic activities [26] . Environing the rotate of the period, fellow-creatures began to contemplate at Montana clime as an area that was becoming for someunnaturalness balance than cultivation or mining. They recurrent that the area was exceptionally musical in allusion to the apprehension. Towards the end of the nineteenth period, considerable chief led by George Grill began butting for the society of a realmal close. Their hanker was supposing in 1910 when President Taft identified into law the reckoning proveing Glacier as the 10th realmal close [27] . But why is this indicative in disposes of your controversy?

The close has numerous recorded proveings that are rolled by the Contemptible Register of Recorded Places. The close is settlement to 375 recorded properties including six that are determined as Contemptible Recorded Landmarks. The closes museum houses environing 6,000 items allied to its spontaneous and cultural deed [28] . These recorded properties describe the deed of the United States. What deed do they publish? Glacier as a realmal close is for-this-reason allied to the realmal divorceicularity of the United States accordingly it is settlement to some of the most iconic apprehension in North America. You can’t proper divorceicularize this. . . .

Yosemite is one of the United States most well-behaved-known Contemptible Parks. It capaciously covers the eastern divorces of Tuolumne, Madera and Mariposa counties of California and covers an area of 761,268 acres [29] . The realmal close is inferior by Contemptible Close Service and is recurrent universewide for its evident streams, groves, granite steeps, waterfalls and its biological multiformity. The close has a concatenate of 648 to 3,997 meters balancehead sea flatten and is separated into five senior vegetation zones: chaparral/oak woodland, inferior montane, better montane, subalpine and alpine. Tneighboring are balance than 160 honorable plants in the close. Most of the fixforms in Yosemite are cut from the granitic roll of the Sierra Nevada Batholiths. Encircling 5% of the close’s fixforms are metamorphosed momentary and sedimentary roll. The debasements, canyons, domes and other features seen in the close were shapeed as a end of erosion acting upon contrariant types of uplift-created joints. Citations? Significance?

Yosemite’s most outstated features conceive the tunnel apprehension, which is the most scrutinizeed area and so the most photographed; a characteristic granite steep that looms balance the debasement, the El Captain, which is has separate concatenate of climbing routes and full-ypresent accessibility thus making it the most current roll climbing destirealm in the universe. The proud divorces of Yosemite include spectacular areas such as: Dana meadows, Tuolumne meadows, the Clark concatenate, the Cathedral Concatenate and the Kuna top. In union, the close has three groves of obsolete Giant Sequoia trees, the Mariposa Grove, the Tuolumne Grove and the Merced Grove. These tree sign extend capaciousr in compass than any other and is one of the tallest and covetest feedd. Citations? I proper intermission some of this notification on a website, and you are not citing . . .

Yosemite gravitates subordinate a Mediterranean clime delay medium daily temperatures ranging from 25 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Most subsidence occurs during the calm decay, and the cherishing seasons alight closely dry. Snow accumulates all decay and into March and April. It ultimately does not abide on the premise until November in the proud province. At areas balancehead 8,000 feet, the hot and dry temperatures are moderated by numerous thunderstorms, during summer, acovet delay snow in July. This combirealm of low referring-to dampness, dry vegetation and thunderstorms ends in numerous lightning-caused fires [30] .

The close includes encircling 3200 lakes, two reservoirs and 1,700 miles of streams. Landforms in the close possess been maked as a end of hydrologic routees, including glaciations, flooding and fluvial geomorphic rejoinder. Yosemite is current for its proud tension of waterfalls in a paltry area. These conceive: Yosemite gravitates and Ribbon gravitates twain intermission in the Yosemite Valley, Bridal screen gravitate that is seen from the Tunnel Apprehension apprehensionaim and Wapama Falls in Hetch Hetchy Debasement [31] .

Paiute and Sierra Miwok are the fellow-creatures who feedd in Yosemite area covet antecedently the colorlesss explored into the clime. The Ahwahneechee, who were Congenital Americans, feedd in Yosemite Debasement when the principal irrelevant fellow-creatures entered .White migration increased in the area in the mid-19th period due to the California Gold Rush [32] . Jim Savage of the States Soldiery led the Mariposa Battalion in 1851 to the west end of Yosemite Debasement in occasion pursuing environing 200 Ahwahneechees led by Main Tenaya as divorce of Mariposa wars. Main Tenaya intermissioned the Pai-Ute precipitation of Ah-wa-nee. The Miwoks, most colorless settlers, saw the Ahwahneechee as furious attributable to numerous territorial disputes. Tenaya and all the Ahwahneechee were following smitten and their village burned; they were agitated to a appropriation in California neighboring Fresno [33] .

When some were following allowed to rerotate to Yosemite Valley, they assaulted a assembly of gold miners, which got them into labor. They flew to the east and sought asylum delay the Mono inhabitants at Mono Lake but were tracked down and most killed by Mono Paiutes succeeding they stole some of their hosts’ horses in 1853.Chief Tenaya was killed in the assault and survivors were transfern end to Mono Lake and they were bewildered into Mono Lake Paiute inhabitants. ‘An Indian Village of Ahwanhee’ was reconstructed and is located aback the Yosemite Museum instant to Yosemite Debasement [34] .

In 1855, James Masons Hutchings, an entrepreneur and master Thomas Ayers toured the Yosemite Debasement area. They maked catechism and repository ends encircling Yosemite Debasement thus chargeable on for most of the highest generally-knownity encircling Yosemite [35] . Wawona was an Indian retreat, now in the southwestern divorce of the close. Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia was discovered Galen Clark, a settler. Simple lodgings and roads were built in the area. The compute of trails and hotels increased as tourism increased. Characteristic citizens including Galen Clark and Senator John Conness, disturbed by the possessions of marketable shares, advocated for shieldion of the area. A close reckoning was passed by twain houses of the U.S synod and was identified by President Abraham Lincoln on June 30, 1864, creating the Yosemite Grant. The close was to be set separate specifically for generally-known use and thereby creating the principal realmal close.

It is believed that man feedd in the Rocky Mountains encircling 10,000 years ago. The Ute’s feedd in the mountains of West Colorado. As the Arapaho, who were plains Indians who came to the Estes Close numerously in summer to prosecute, migrated westwards the Americans agitated out from Appalachian [36] . Delay the semblance of Americans, Indians avoided Estes Close and Grand Lake area. Rufus Sage is the principal American to possess scrutinizeed the clime. He elapsed three years exploring the Rockies. Joel Estes, a Kentuckian, was the principal settler. He brought his source in 1859 and equaltually permanent as a agriculturist neighboring Fort Lupton. A few settlements were set up in the better Colorado Debasement in 1879 and by 1880 fellow-creatures agitated in to Lulu city wneighboring some gold discoveries had been made. A few settlements were set up in the better Colorado Debasement in 1879 and by 1880 fellow-creatures agitated in to Lulu city wneighboring some gold discoveries had been made [37] . In 1883 the town was scanty. As a end of generally-knownity and collective hurry, a reckoning was passed in 1915 and identified by President Wilson to prove the Rocky Mountains Contemptible Close the Park’s religiousness was conducted in September 4, 19

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