American dream in the great Gatsby essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

American dream in the great Gatsby essay

The American dream is said to be one of the most widely acclaimed topics of discussion dedicated to success and laborious work. It is sometimes called off as a vision that is unrealistic in perspective since it can easily deceive a person who is swayed by it. The society has an entirely different purview of the American dream as they make it sound like the best thing to happen to someone from a third world country who has only seen America on television sets. People are enthralled with the glorious and elegant lifestyle which they are able to lead only after putting long hours of work in order to earn good money. But this is a universal phenomenon that a person who is capable of working hard and does so will definitely get a taste of success at some point of time in life. The American dream in the great Gatsby essay has diverse interpretations since different sets of people have different opinions regarding the American dream. Hence, if you are asked to frame an essay on the American dream, then you will firstly have to see what others are talking about it on the internet or TV or books, and based on the information that you came across, you will have to ask yourself the points that you agree to and the ones that you do not.

Corruption of the American dream in the great Gatsby essay is an essential element since it is the working class that gets to bear the heat of corruption in a developed society. It is true that success can come to anyone, but many people tend to agree that for a few people, it comes easy whereas others have to work harder for it. This is what most of the peer reviewed articles emphasize upon. If you are writing an essay on the American dream, then it definitely needs to have a compelling thesis definition that backs the remainder of the body of the essay.

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American dream in the great Gatsby essay
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The Great Gatsby and its relation to American dream

If you have read “The Great Gatsby”, then you will know the relevance that the main characters Tom, Myrtle and Jordan hold with respect to the American dream. In the novel, powerful individuals, as well as the American dream are gloriously exemplified by Tom Buchanan as he deems that American dream involves materialistic possessions and wealth. This is in some way, justified owing to the fact that if someone has worked hard for years to make money and finally considered turned rich, it is definitely not a sin to show off and spend on materialistic obsessions. Your research proposal has to reflect the mentality of the three central characters if you are writing on the Great Gatsby.

The novel portrays the mentality of the three central characters showing how important it is for them to have wealth in order to flamboyantly show off and win a companion. Tom Buchanan claims that he has a plush and exotic home which goes on to tell the readers that he is someone who is not only financially secure but has an abundance of money to spend on materialistic possessions. Thus, Tom seems to be living the American dream owing to the money that he has and the obsessions that he spends on. And he does not have any regrets with his life since he believes that he has everything. The other character named Myrtle is someone who is not exactly living the American dream, but desperately wants to do so. She is a character who strongly hopes that she will succeed at some point of time soon. She gets married to a man considering him to be a perfect gentleman and thought that he would know a lot about breeding, but was not appropriate enough to fall down and become her slave. The great American dream is something which she would do anything for.

Fitzgerald has shown how the American dream is perceived by almost all of the characters in the American dream in the great Gatsby essay and there are lots of sources that you will come across on the internet where people have debated on this topic. In order to use and quote good references, you will have to know what is an annotated bibliography and how you are supposed to pull information out of references. The essay needs to be written in a rational manner have without bias, but you are allowed to do that only when you agree with the perception of the characters in the story. It is very easy to be swayed with the American dream and most of the people who do not have an idea about the lifestyle in America apart from what they have seen on television sets tend to be more eager to live that life.

An English paper needs to have a proper format and if you have been assigned this topic by your professor, then you will have to check whether there is a particular format that has been asked to follow. If not, then you can search for appropriate essay formats on the internet and pick one that is easy to follow. Place your perceptions against the facts that are stated in the reference essays and you will eventually come up with a properly rationalized essay on the great American dream which will cover all aspects of the obsession that it has turned out to be over the past century.

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