All’s Well that Ends Well
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Dec 18th, 2019

All’s Well that Ends Well

Everyone knows what I’m talking about (and certainly everyone has one of their own): a band you know you probably shouldn’t like. One that you never admit to listening to and one you are afraid to confess your admiration for, even to your closest friends. Well, for me that band is Chiodos. Try as I might to shake my appalling addiction, their album seems stuck on my playlist for the long haul. I have yet to find a way to suck the venom out.

But why should I? In my attempts to decipher the reason behind the madness, I have come to a simple conclusion: Maybe they aren’t so bad. Trying to block my bias against the band, I realize that the statement could be more than accurate. It may even be an understatement.

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All’s Well that Ends Well
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I pored over “All’s Well that Ends Well” time and again hoping to find some blemish in their genius, but nothing revealed itself.

Certainly no fault lies in the vocals. Lead vocalist Craig Owens steals the show. With his signature high-pitched singing, he manages to sneak in one mesmerizing line after another.

Although they seem overlooked in the popular music of today, instruments are just as imperative as vocals. I scrutinized them and to my dismay I could find no blunder. As a pianist myself, the piano immediately seized my attention. Uniquely used in every song, it adds a facet to Chiodos that other bands lack. It also provides spectacular intros to many of the songs.

The real magnetic power of the album is the music’s balance, however. Harmony is achieved through stark contrast. At times the music is sweet and melodic, then without warning it turns dark and devastating. These contrasts are even used in the same song. These differences keep the audience on its toes, not knowing what to expect.

So Chiodos’ musical talent is undeniable, but I still remained skeptical of their concert ability until recently. I witnessed the

amount of energy drawn by Owens that was palpable. The crowd allowed itself to fall into all-out euphoria. With every note, the power grew. Every word was sung by the crowded mass of people.

That was it. I could no longer refute the evidence and what I had known all along: Chiodos is an incredible band worthy of the attention of the entire nation.

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