All living animals communicate Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

All living animals communicate Essay

All living animals communicate. Do you agree? Justify your position.

All living animals communicate with each other using different means. Though they don’t master in any specific language nor has such ability to speak like humans however they have their methods to communicate. Different animals use different methods to express their feeling. Dogs and cats show their affection by shaking their tales and rubbing their body with other animal or human. In same way elephants move their trunks. Pet animals such as goats, cows, horses and birds (parrots) have their own way.

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All living animals communicate Essay
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It can be commonly examined that if their owner dies, all pet animals usually stop eating. When someone tries to trespass any property and their dogs barks at them, which is a very good example of communicating their message (stay out! Or ready for the consequences).

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What makes human communication different from that of other animals?

Unlike animals, humans master in different languages and mostly communicate through words which create a primary difference between human and animal communication.

Words are not only spoken but, written (letters, novels, books etc) and copied through mass communication mediums as well i.e. documentaries, dramas, movies etc. Animals communicate with each other using different sounds and some expressions as well. They use facial expressions, sounds and gestures to communicate. For example a cat’s intensions are very much understandable from its gestures and face expressions. When an unknown dog barks at you and runs after you, his intensions are clearly understandable and human communicate back by stopping the dog or running after. Animals’ communication is also based on current situation and environment however human communication is based on future expectations, perceptions and strategies as well.

Give your own definition of communication based on your perceived functions.

Communication is the process to transfer the message of person A to person B using a medium with a feedback. Message can be any forms i.e. words, gestures, postures etc. And mediums can be A message can be transferred using many medium. Just like Newton’s law of action and reaction, communication is also two sided. Once a message is sent, there is always a feedback however its intensity can be different. Sometime message is not transcript on other end due to some communications barriers like noise pollutions, distance etc. Some other communication types are:

Intrapersonal communication: Once a person communicates with himself, his own instincts; it’s called intrapersonal communication. Even this way it is two process as we get answers from our unconscious. Mass Communication: Once we communicate with mass number of audience, it is called mass communication.

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