Alice In Chains
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Dec 18th, 2019

Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains is back with their latest, self-titled album. It is their first album in two years, with Layne Staley leaving for a while to make an album with Mad Season. This is Alice In Chains’ fifth album.

At first the new album looks more like something Pearl Jam would do than Alice In Chains. It is very different from their earlier releases, but do not judge this album without hearing it. It is vintage Alice In Chains, though there are a few changes: there are three to four songs that resemble Mad Season. The song that shows it the most is “Shame In You.”

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This new album is by far their best as a whole. There are no real stand-out songs to play over and over. It is an album that rocks from the first note to the last. Jerry Cantrell is just awesome, wailing on lead guitar, with Layne Staley screaming out the lyrics, Sean Kinney pounding on the drums and Mike Inez on bass guitar.

Alice In Chains is bringing back that unique Seattle-style of rock that faded with the death of Kurt Cobain. This is a really exceptional album C a “must have” for any CD collection

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