Aibileen Clark
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Dec 16th, 2019

Aibileen Clark

After the death of her son, Aibileen realizes that she cannot accept the way things are. She teaches the children that the color of skin does not matter; but due to the racism in Jackson her message is often countered. Throughout the novel Aibileen’s character grows significantly.

She finds comfort and satisfaction in raising the children after her son dies. At first she is hesitant when Skeeter approaches her for an interview, but after she realizes that nothing will change if no one acts, she decides to help Skeeter. Even though she knows how dangerous it is, she takes the risk in hope for the best. At the end she realizes her talents and courageously leaves her job.

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Skeeter is very passionate about writing and studying. When she she goes back home she is appalled by the treatment of black maids in her town. So she decides to write about their point of view. Without caring about what society will think, she chooses to be brave and independent and does what she think is right. Due to her different mindset she becomes isolated from the community of southern women in which she was raised. Which also creates conflict in her friends circle because she questions their way of doing things. Because of the writing project she makes a good bond with Aibileen, that would not have happened if she didn’t separate herself from the community. In the end she is faced with a decision to choose her past or her dream. In which she ends up following her dreams.

Minny is Aibileen’s best friend and also a black maid, she has five children.She is very famous for her cooking skills, but because of her outspokenness she ends up getting fired. After being hired by Celia Rae. They both help each other gain strength and starts taking control of their own lives. As a result she ends up leaving her abusive husband. She has a carefree nature and stands up for what she believes in. Which ends up making her clash with Hilly Holbrook, who has more power in the society. Because Celia guarantees her a place in her home, Minny becomes even more brazen and reveals Hilly’s great secret.

Due to Celia’s lifestyle she becomes an outcast. Even though she desperately wants to be loved.
Over the course Celia grows significantly. At first she was completely ignored by the community. Which led to her doing desperate acts. Such as showing up to a house uninvited, phoning the women repeatedly and making a fool out of herself. Because of the rejections she learns to stand up for herself. As Minny and Celia spend time together. Celia becomes courageous and finally tells Johnny the truth about her miscarriage

Hilly controls the white women in Jackson.
Throughout the film Hilly fights to maintain power as much as she can. She likes using her wealth to bully and threaten others. Which is why Skeeter turns on her. Hilly represents an old world thinking which is destined to be destroyed. Eventually her power is stripped away from her as others question whether she has their best intentions at heart or is greedy for more power.

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