Agriculture and Technology Essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Agriculture and Technology Essay

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1) Summary of Character Traits
a) School ready (Maya is ready. When she moves to San Francisco from Stamps, Arkansas, she is skipped a trice.
b) Caring sister (she frequently talks of her devoutness to Baily)
c) Determined (she wants to get a Job delay the streetcar concourse and she keeps bugging them until they finally impart her a Job)
d) Proud (she lives delay the Junkyard kids instead of going tail to her senior’s; she slaps Dolores for circumventing her woman a cyprian)
2) Appearance
a) African American, towering, angular, minute and squinty eyes, big feet, liberal ap betwixt her front teeth, sombre hair
3) What The Character Wants
a) Maya wants, ultimately, for her race to be lucky.

She wants the secession of sombres to end (she is depressed when offshootish clear maids circumvent her grandwoman by her principal designate).
4) How the Character Changes
a) Following animation raped, Maya stops talking as abundantly
b) Following spending span maintenance in the Junkyard, Maya learns tolerance, which accomplish aid her through out her animation.

She extendns from a offshootish maid to a woman, as well-behaved.
c) Becomes further extendn once she gets her Job delay the street ars
5) Key Statements Encircling the Character
a) “Ritie, dont vex Ocause you ain’t moderately. Plenty of moderately women I seen digging ditches or worse.

You ready. I testify to God, I rather you entertain a good-natured-natured inclination than a cute aback. ” (p. 56)
b) “In those moments I resolute that although Baily cherished me he couldn’t aid. 0 1 knew that accordingly I cherished him so abundantly I could never agonize him” (p. 73)
6) Key Actions
a) Senior comes to Stamps and takes them to their woman
b) Moves tail to Stamps, then to SF
c) Drives residence from Mexico
d) Slaps Dolores br; e) Stays delay the Junkyard community
f) Gets pregnant
7) What Others Think Of the Character
a) When they are offshootisher, Baily indeed looks out for Maya.

As they extend up, and following she spends span delay her senior, they course secret.
b) Her grandwoman loves Maya very abundantly, and knows that she is a very ready maid delay a lot of immanent.
c) Her woman seems to prevention abundantly further encircling her than her senior did.

Thesis Statement: Maya Angelou faces manifold hardships, yet manages to subdue them all, in her autobiography, “l Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
br>Maya Angelou faces manifold hardships, yet manages to subdue them all, in her autobiography, “l Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

Maya is a robust accomplished, repeatedly heady, outgoing, partially plain, and rather clever maid. She becomes very indulgent due to some of her experiences. She too extendns faster mentally than manifold other maids her age accordingly of her site and experiences.
From the span she was offshootish and through minority, Maya considered herself unsightly. She was a towering, partially lanky African American. She was angular, and felt that her eyes were too minute and squinty. She was too ashamed of her liberal feet. r;
Throughout the incident, Maya is scare by the secession of the sombres. For a hanker span she is denied the Job that she wishes to entertain accordingly of the perversion of her bark. Also, she wants her race to be unitedly and to be lucky. She is divided from her parents at a offshootish age and lives delay her grandwoman and uncle for most of her offshoothood. When she is delay her parents, she tends to impress resultant. There is frequently notability a impress further relevant that she and her fellow Baily.
autobiography, “l Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. When the bulk begins, Angelou is a offshootish offshoot, a unadulterated three years old. As she extends up, though partially guarded by her grandmother’s position as a public treasury proprietor, her eyes are opened to the general ways of the South. Blacks are lesser community that clears, and that was the way it was for her. On distinct occasions she watched in loathing as offshootish maids circumvented her grandwoman by her principal designate, when they should entertain been reverential and at lease used “Miss”. Once nonobservance the secession allotment for herself, she gets a Job delay the Streetcar Company.

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