Against Smoking Essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Against Smoking Essay

“Life is too short” and “ you only live once” are phrases you always hear from your parents, grandparents and other people whenever they come up with those boring ‘in my day’ stories, aren’t they? So why waste the one life you get, and shorten the already too short with the expensive, pointless and revolting habit of smoking? Smoking is the habit that I consider to be pointless, a waste of money and dangerous to your health and social life.

Smoking really is the one thing I loathe and with it causing a staggering 110,000 unnecessary premature deaths a year I strongly believe it should be banished to room 101 eternally.

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Against Smoking Essay
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It’s not that bigger deal is what you might be thinking now but wait until you hear the stomach churning, blood-curdling and spine chilling effects smoking has on you and everyone around you, they are what some call ‘Hair-raisers’. ?1. billion is what our nation’s worst habit is costing the NHS every year, with 50 diseases and illnesses linked to smoking, 20 of which can be fatal in percentage of cases.

When you and your family have to pay the extortionate amount of tax, this is surely not what you wanted a percentage of it to be going towards. You’re hard earned pay going towards people feeding their deathly addiction with what is an expensive death wish in the form of a stick of cancer and fatal diseases. ?1,700 is what an average smoker spends on cigarettes each year.

Every cigarette lasts just two minutes and takes 11 minute off of your life, whilst imagine having ? 1,700 to go on a shopping spree with. It could last you years of fashionable outfits whilst smoking could cost you years of agonizing symptoms from the illnesses you could end up being faced with, besides surely the ‘smoking kills’ and ‘smoking is harmful to health’ messages on the back of many cigarette and tobacco packets reminds smokers of the consequences of smoking and it would surely put people off smoking, but no they just carry on.

Too add to this the addictive drug in a cigarette is also used as an insecticide, so if it is used to kill insects then just visualize what it might do to your lungs, not nice is it? Smoking doesn’t just affect you it affects the people around you as well. 17,000 children under the age of five are admitted to hospital with illnesses such as pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis and infections such as ear, throat and chest infections. Innocent children having to pay the price for inconsiderate people who selfishly smoke around them.

It really is not fair. Additionally children who grow up in families of smokers have 50% more chance of being tobacco users when they are older than children brought up in a smoke free environment. Many times my friends and I have had to choose between suffocating in cigarette smoke and holding our breathes for, well too long whilst our eyes water from the smoke, smudging all our make-up just before meeting up with some friends in town as we have to walk by a ginormous group of selfish youths smoking because they think it makes them look cool.

It doesn’t for the record and it also smells really, really bad. Who would want to be friends with someone whose hair, clothes and house smells like stale tobacco smoke? Not me, that’s for sure. Why on earth do people think their cool if they smoke?? IN joke shops they even sell fake cigarettes that look lit, just so people can pretend they’re smoking. But really it does not look cool and 40% of 16 year olds feel pressured into smoking by their friends and peers.

Why should young people have to worry about being asked to have a smoke next time they go out with their friends when really they should be concentrating on school and GCSE’s? Similarly 60% of all smokers started smoking under the age of 17. These and too many other reasons to say, make me believe that smoking should be banished to the very depths of room 101 for the rest of eternity and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.

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