A vivid charm of essays for free
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Dec 16th, 2019

A vivid charm of essays for free

Perhaps, you’ll be surprised to hear this, but some students really enjoy writing essays. They simply consider this creative activity to be their great chance to shine. Really, that’s a catchy intellectual exercise, where the author requires crafting thoughtful arguments on complex topics while being restricted by a certain word count.

Those, who like this writing activity, can enjoy essays for free. Yes, these papers will be free of charge specially for them, as they’re going to be their authors. A person, who has grasped the basics of essay writing will never be dependent on online custom essay writing services. However, not all students have all the necessary skills to cope with their writing assignments by themselves and often opt for alternative solutions. Some of them hire freelancers, others download essays for free.

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A vivid charm of essays for free
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Would you like to grab your essay for free ? We don’t doubt that your answer will be positive. As mentioned above, the best way to write this paper for free is to write it by yourself. Fortunately, that’s not difficult, just keep to these tips.

Read a lot

Before you get down to your first college essay, allocate some time to read what other people have already written in this genre. Perhaps, you might think that reading other people’s essays is an absolutely worthless thing, but you’re wrong. That’s one of the most efficient and widespread writing techniques. It‘s recommended not only for essay writers, but for anyone else, including even more technically difficult genres of literature. By simply reading other writing works, you’ll be shaping your own writing style. You don’t necessarily need to read essays only on the topic you’re actually studying. On the contrary, you’ll derive more benefits if you get yourself familiar with a rich variety of subjects. It’s because different disciplines suggest different types of arguments and styles. Respectively, the wider you read, the more promising techniques you’ll acquire.

Don’t overlook broadsheet newspapers, s they’re another great source for your essay writing. So, you can read the opinion pieces and see how the writer supported various points with evidence. Note, where the author left things out in an attempt to persuade you to this particular opinion. Practice this every day and soon you’ll be become surprisingly good at shaping your own balanced opinion pieces.

Build your vocabulary and employ it wisely

Of course, you realize that any literary work is impossible without a good vocabulary. It enables an author to express what he or she means concisely and clearly. Economy with words is what distinguishes good essays from bad ones. It’s because readers are reluctant to waste their precious time on rambling points, which could have been expressed using half the number of words.

Really good essay writers have never rested on laurels, so we’re just dropping a hint that you urgently require advanced vocabulary. That’s what you need to work on all the time. Thus, you’ll acquire tons of new catchy words for your upcoming writing works. It’s apparent that deploying a good vocabulary displays intelligence and enables you to be more convincing in your writing.

Now, let’s see how you can build your vocabulary:

  • Start a vocabulary book: Most likely you own one if you’re already learning a foreign language. So, you’ll lose nothing if you get a vocabulary book for your mother tongue too. Buying a nice notepad to collect new words would be a nice solution for such an essay newbie like you. Of course, just writing down the definition isn’t enough. You should also include a good example of how this particular word is used.
  • Subscribe to word emails: You require creating a folder in your email account for promising word emails, so you could save them and store in one easy-to-access place.
  • Read attentively and refer to your dictionary: Keep hunting for new words with your dictionary. There’s no doubt every day you’ll come across flocks of new words you don’t know. Certainly, all of them need your attention. Besides learning a new word, see carefully how it works in this particular context. Tons of new words are waiting for you in different genres, so, don’t focus on just one fiction or non-fiction stuff. The broader your outlook, the more new words you’ll learn.
  • Make use of a thesaurus: It’s so sad if one day you’ll find yourself utilizing the same words and phrases over and over again. You can add some variety to your everyday vocabulary by simply looking up new words in a thesaurus. The best thing in a thesaurus is that here you can find a lot of words with similar meaning, but great «hues», making any context colorful and amazingly vivid.
  • Keep learning suffices, prefixes and roots: Sure, that sounds extremely boring, exhausting and tiresome, but with these tiny word parts you can easily compose new words and surprisingly change the overall meaning of even old-school phrases. Keep learning this naughty tiny stuff and it will undoubtedly pay off in the long term.

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