Each time we stumble on a new essay, we always cast a glance at the very first one or two-sentence condensation of the argument. That’s what we call a thesis statement. Your essay needs to contain this section for these reasons:

  • in order to better develop and organize your augment
  • to test your exclusive ideas by simply distilling them into one sentence or two
  • to provide your audience with a decent guide to your persuasive argument

Have a look at an example of a good thesis statement for an essay

In fact, almost any writing assignment, regardless of its complexity, can be literally reduced to one question. Fortunately, your thesis statement isn’t an exception here. Well, let’s assume, you’ve been recently assigned to write an informative report to your local school board, clearly explaining all the benefits of using computers in a fourth-grade class. You can easily turn this question into a simpler one. The initial variant of yours may appear to be quite banal and predictable: «Let us explore the most impressive outcomes of making use of personal computers in junior school.» We see, you have already grabbed this question for your essay, so it won’t be a problem for you to compose one or two sentences to answer this particular question.

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Sometimes, a student is required to generate a solid thesis statement if there isn’t any topic assigned. In this case, your thesis statement is expected to answer a question you’d like to explore.

A perfect thesis statement normally comes with the following attributes:

  • deals with the subject, which can be adequately treated in compliance with the nature of your assignment
  • expresses one key idea
  • takes on a matter upon which some folks could have an alternative point of view
  • asserts your firm conclusions regarding the subject

Now, let’s see how to create a good thesis statement for a social policy paper. As follows from any example of a good thesis statement for an essay, first you require brainstorming your topic. For instance, your class is focusing on the problems caused by changes in the dietary habits of the US citizens. Meanwhile, you’re very interested in the amount of sugar consumed by Americans.

To start out barely write a short phrase «sugar consumption.» The given phrase can’t be regarded as a thesis statement at all. Nevertheless, it clearly indicates a general subject. Moreover, the audience isn’t aware of what you’d like to say about sugar consumption.

The second stage suggests narrowing down this topic. You’ve just conducted thorough research about the theme and now your conclusion states that elementary school kids keep consuming more sugar than required and that’s a real reason to worry about. Respectively, you require reshaping your thesis. «Abridging daily sugar consumption by elementary pupils,» for instance.

This fragment not only announces your subject, but it also gives a strong emphasis to one segment of the population – elementary school kids. Additionally, it raises an important subject upon which some folks could disagree. Keep in mind that the given fragment can’t be a ready-made thesis statement. It’s because your audience doesn’t know your conclusions on this particular topic.

Then, in accordance with an example of a good thesis statement for an essay you require taking a position on your topic. Having reflected on the topic for a while, it’s time to decide what you’d like to tell about this theme and what needs to be done to drastically reduce the amount of sugar consumed by the kids of this age group.

You can have your thesis statement rewritten like this: «A super enormous emphasis needs to be granted to the food as well as beverage choices available to elementary pupils.»

It simply asserts your unshakable position, but the terms mentioned above appear to be uncertain. With the help of specific language you should explain what you actually mean when mentioning it.

For example, it may unfold: «Some experts suggest that approximately half of elementary school kids are used to consuming nine times the recommended everyday allowance of such a vital substance as sugar.» This version is specific enough. However, that’s not a true thesis if you compare this stuff with any example of a thesis statement for an essay. It’s because it just deals with a statistic instead of providing a good assertion.

The best examples of a thesis statement for an essay suggest making an assertion built around stated support. Your final thesis could be: «Considering such an obvious fact that half of all US elementary school kids are used to consuming nine times the recommended daily allowance of sugar, all American schools are expected to find healthy alternatives for their current beverages».

As you see, this thesis has just answered what measures need to be taken to drastically reduce sugar consumption in elementary schools. That’s not so difficult, is it?

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