A Stitch In Time Saves Nine essay: 6 steps of a well-organized writing process
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Dec 16th, 2019

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine essay: 6 steps of a well-organized writing process

When most students put pen to paper first time they have a sudden momentary realization that there is more work to do than organizing words in simple sentence-like structures. When we write – supposedly doing this quite craftily – we can develop an erroneous idea that a piece of writing as if arranges by itself. However, it is only a half-truth. Skillful writers who have managed to compose significantly more than one engineering paper or research summary know how important is to foster the ability to write fluently and smoothly, without even thinking of the writing process going under their very nose. This state of ‘fluency’ is exclusively possible if the writer has a complete understanding of her topic and has been training her writing skills for quite a long time. Nevertheless, there are some general principles that guide the hand of both a literary expert and an academic greenhorn – thus, we are talking about a step-by-step organization that underlies your writing work no matter whether you already have it at your finger-ends or still is stumbling with ‘essay on stitch in time saves nine ’ Google queries.

Six accurate and methodical steps

Let us show you the ropes of the writing process, which can be dissected on six accurate and methodical steps, namely:

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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine essay: 6 steps of a well-organized writing process
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  • step №1: Selecting an appropriate topic. As you can see, this step is already done for you – but your assignment alone does not represent a fully formulated task. A topic could be considered as one that is formulated exhaustively not until it is possible for you to rephrase its wording in the form of a question that is clearly understandable. You have a working topic when you feel that itch to answer it.
  • step №2: Coming up with ideas and sorting them out. The whole question of an abundance of ideas rests on the appropriate selection of the theme as well as the statement of adequate questions. You simply need to think what you can compose about this very topic, similarly to how you conjure up points for your personal statement.
  • step №3: Building an imaginary idea chart. Of course, you are not required to do everything in your head as it would be even more convenient to depict the process of thinking as a scheme of thesis statements, evidence, conclusions, and logical connections. Decide which of the ideas are worth to be included in the essay and where exactly you want to use them. Range the ideas according to narrative priority and make a decision which idea to start with and which is more appropriate to be left till the end of your A Stitch In Time Saves Nine essay.
  • step №4: Drafting and writing. Thus, all the hardest pieces of work go here. Pick the idea and write a paragraph on it from start to finish. Do not forget to consult the outline or any other organizational tips you have come up with during the pre-writing stage.
  • step №5: Revising your writing and reviewing the content. Look carefully at what structure of the text you have used. Does the whole text address the reader coherently and persuasively? Throw away everything that you find suspicious or gibberish-like. Few other personality traits can be such an inestimable asset on this stage as self-criticism, and, probably, you will need a friend’s opinion at hand. However, if it is not a case study analysis do not be too hard on yourself.
  • step №6: Rewriting and improving your work. Well, after the essay is read through and through, delete all unnecessary points/ideas and supplement the work with new pieces. Explain everything that is still vague and balance the amount of details in every paragraph. Change and rebuild the paper as long as it stands firmly on the ground of logic and validity. Do proofreading as the final amendment and see your filigree study or essay on A Stitch In Time Saves Nine topics in all its glory.

How to compose a perfect essay

Now that you know exactly how to master the writing techniques and how an introduction, a body, and a conclusion should be organized, it is indispensable for you to get a grasp of what is unity. As it already has been mentioned, all working ideas should relate to your initial thesis statement and all of them should create a harmoniously soniferous ensemble, that is, provide enough coherence to connect each and every part of the essay. A good way to plan and keep unity in a written work is to polish the outline with an eye to weed out all useless ideas and bring clarity to the narration. It would be, basically, perfect to start working on your skills by practicing with a book report – in that case the source book itself becomes a matchless outline, and you can monitor how the coherence of the writer’s style influences your attempts to finish the report.

The importance of unity and coherence

Coherence is being born by unity. If your ideas are assiduously arranged in a logical way and you are a fervent adept of validity, your writing will be coherent and interesting enough to captivate the reader’s mind. Only if the essay is unified, the audience can distinguish the itinerary of the author’s train of thoughts. Therefore, you can also experiment with different techniques of description and classification as well as variegate your text with multiple cohesive devices. The latter pertains to special transition words and phrases that help a writer to connect sentences together, providing a smooth flow of ideas. In addition, it is advisable to employ repetition of leading ideas and pronoun references. When you say the main idea of your A Stitch In Time Saves Nine essay, at least several times, it makes even the most inattentive reader recognize what the discussion is about. At the same time, numerous pronoun references help avoid unnecessary repetitions of a noun, substituting it with a pronoun and soldering two sentences in a flawless coherent structure.

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